Clay Aiken – Buzzing With Excitement

17 Day…..only 17 more days…..Clay Aiken and Decca Records will be presenting a wonderful gift to all of us.  From listening to all the snippets, Tried and True is a real gem.

Each day, there seems to be new things that are presented to the world about Clay Aiken, his new album or the tour.  It makes the days go quickly and the boards buzzing with excitement

On Thursday, there was some news that is interesting and important.

  1. A notice to all fans at the Official Fan Club was posted today.  They wanted all the members to be aware that the Clay teams was working on the new website.  Because of this, a few sections would be temporarily removed.  For move details visit: FANCLUB
  2. Book and music seller, Barnes and Noble listed Tried and True on their site.  They have both the regular CD and the Deluxe Edition.  But the best part of the B&N entry is the new snippets of the songs.  Some are different than the ones we have been given before.  Have you listened yet?  You can reach the snippets by clicking  HERE
  3. There is a new poll at  Some fans are interested in voting for Clay in American Idol Polls.  I always like to see Clay do well in polls, but I wonder why they allow people to vote over and over.  The fans that can “spam” the fastest win.    For more information on this poll and the following one visit the site before May 19th.  Click on BILLBOARD
  4. Aaron Sorkin is a renowned writer in the fields of plays, movies and television.  He wrote a very interesting article about Newsweek’s drama critic, Ramin Setoodeh.  Setoodeh caused a huge stir when he wrote that gay actors couldn’t play straight roles.  Sorkin had a different twist on the topic.  You can read the article at  SORKIN

What wonderful bits of news will we get today?  Whatever it is, it will be exciting and help Clay fans get through the weekend.

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  1. That article by Aaron Sorkin was so on the ball. It is the bigots and the tabloids that keep these kinds of stories about gay people alive. It most certainly is in Congress and we should fight for the rights of all gay people everywhere.

    I already voted on the poll on Billboard. Why can't they regulate these polls so they can't spam them? It is certainly not fair.

    I love the snippets on B&N and itunes. Now, when is Amazon going to turn theirs on? They can see how many T&T's were sold just by listening to the two songs and the snippets. Can't wait for them to get them going on Amazon. Very exciting days are a-coming!!

  2. Thanks for keeping us up to date with all of the happenings going on in the Clay Nation.
    Love the snippets. This is a very exciting time!

  3. I can't believe the release date is almost finally here. It'll be so wonderful to hear the full versions of all the songs instead of the 30 second teasers that I just can't stop playing.

  4. I am dying to hear It's Impossible, too. Sounds gorgeous! I can't stop listening to the snips. This is the real Clay Aiken. He has finally arrived! Yup, FI-NA-LLY!!!

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