Clay Aiken – A Difficult Time!

It has been more that 24 hours since the tragedy in Las Vegas and I am having a difficult time writing.

Just like most of you, I am sad, frightened, and mad.

Please know that I am sending positive thoughts to all of the people who have been so affected by this horrible event.

 There were many heroes that night!


Clay Aiken started the day by sending some tweets about the event in Las Vegas.  He wrote:

My heart breaks for all those affected by the AWFUL tragedy in Las Vegas. The prayers and thoughts of America are with NV today. #LasVegas1f493.7f7dbf9923.png
Later in the day, Newsweek included one of Clay’s tweets in an article they wrote:


Singer-songwriter Clay Aiken, who was not at the festival, criticized those who say “don’t politicize a tragedy” in the wake of the shooting.

Anyone who says “don’t politicize a tragedy” over the next few days is only saying so b/c they know their position is untenable.
I am always glad when Clay is quoted by news organizations.


Change of plans…Apparently, Taylor is ill and so the show was not live today…They filled the time with “special moments’ of the show.!

Clay is scheduled to spend his Tuesday morning with Taylor Strecker.  He is co-hosting the show Wake Up With Taylor.  I am sure that Clay and Taylor will have a lot to talk about in the three hour show.  You can hear Clay today on Sirius XM Stars 109, from 7:00AM ET to 10:00 AM ET.



The National Inclusion Project posted an important notice on Monday.  They posted the top 4 songs that people nominated in their Vote For A Song Program.

Ashes (Clay Aiken)     Faithfully (Journey)     Falling (Clay Aiken)     Perfect (Ed Sheeran)

Until Oct 11th 3pm ET, everyone, including YOU, gets to vote ($1 = 1 vote) for one of the top requested songs (see songs above). Vote early and vote often and tell everyone else to vote, too! All money raised goes to the National Inclusion Project to ensure children with and without disabilities can play, learn and laugh TOGETHER.

I hope that each of you will vote for one of these songs.  The National Inclusion Project is an amazing organization that feels that no one sits on the sidelines and all can participate and all can belong.

Isn’t it fun to realize that Clay Aiken will sing the winning song live on FaceBook Live?

You can vote HERE


I needed a pick-me-up so I found a wonderful YouTube to share with you today.  It is not a song by Clay, but a wonderful performance by the St Patrick’s Junior Choir.  I feel sure that if you watch this video it will give you a moment of beauty and encouragement in very difficult time!  I hope you will watch!

Now, aren’t you glad you watched?
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