Clay Aiken – Request from Linda Eder’s Fan Club

IMPORTANT! Request from Linda Eder’s Fan Club

Ellen Wroblewski Jacobs is one of the editors of  Linda Eder’s online newsletter called The Voice. She is looking for comments about the release of Tried and True, the taping of the PBS  Special and especially comments about Crying, the Clay/Linda duet.

Ellen would like to hear from Clay fans who were at the taping.  Se would also love to hear from excited fans who were not there, but are excited about the event.  She would like to receive quotes, either long or short…….or how about a write-up expressing your excitement about the release of Tried and True and about Clay’s duet with Linda.

In the next publication of The Voice, she will be using the Youtube video of the snippets and will be adding some of your quotes.

There are two things she will require:

1) your name

2) your home state

If you would like to participate, you can forward your comments directly to Ellen at:

You can check out The Voice here:

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4 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Request from Linda Eder’s Fan Club

  1. It's wonderful that Team Linda is helping with promotion this way. I sent a email earlier and already got a thank you response. Wouldn't it be great for Clay and Linda to tour together in the future.

  2. I've been a Linda Eder fan since I first saw her in Jekyll and Hyde where I was just blown away by her amazing voice. I met her a a cd signing and she was very beautiful and nice. Having my two favorite singers in one song is just perfection! Love to both Clay and Linda.

  3. I did not attend the Special Concert in Raliegh…but, I have heard how great the duet of "Crying: was with Clay and Linda Eder. Cannot wait to hear it. I think they would be a wonderful pair to tour together sometime in the future. I am glad her Fan Club is wanting to hear feedback from Clay's fans. That can only be a good thing.

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