Clay Aiken – Your Time To Shine!

Sometimes the smallest message means the most and sometimes that message makes you tear up.

Clay Aiken’s mom, Faye Parker posted on Clay’s FaceBook fan page on Thursday.  She was responding to the news that Tried & True had debuted in the Top Ten!

Faye Aiken Parker:  Congratulations Son, I have known for years what others have been learning in the last 7. You are a well kept secret from the rest of world. Maybe now is your time to really shine.  I love you.

Nothing else needs to be said!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Your Time To Shine!

  1. There really is nothing more to be said….What a lovely post by Faye…. Heck, I'm so proud of Clay, I can only imagine how Faye is feeling… It's been a wonderful 7 years, with many years to follow. Clay had me at "hello", and the voice..well..I cannot imagine not hearing that beautiful voice. But what is even more impressive, is Clay's passion for ALL PEOPLE, and inclusion for all… I simply adore this man and all that he stands for.

  2. What a meaningful message to receive from your mother. Faye is very proud of Clay and I believe it is his time to "shine".

  3. What a sweet message Faye left for Clay! I couldn't help but smile when I read it! There's nothing like a mother's pride in – and love for – her child. She's right – it's his time to shine!

  4. If your mother believes in you, as Faye obviously does Clay, no greater complement, blessing, admonishment can be given by a person. I think that's where it all begins. I pray God bless Clay, his family, and perfect ALL that concerns him! Congratulations, Clay!!

  5. It's definitely his time to shine. Clay Aiken is a bright shining star.
    His mother knew it all along!!

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