Clay Aiken – Contest For Asheville Tickets and Hotel

K104.7FM is a radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina.  On Monday, July 5th, they posted a place to register for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Clay Aiken – Ruben Studdard Concert.  The prize will include a pair of concert tickets for the July 23, 2010 concert at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina and hotel accommodations.

What a great opportunity for anyone who would love to attend the concert, but found it just wasn’t in their budget this summer.  If you win, please let us know so we can celebrate with you (and be a little jealous too.)

This particular promotion closed this morning……lucky for someone!!

BUT……..This station is now running another contest.  From their site:

We all know who won American Idol but who has finished second? It is not a bad thing to finish second. . .just ask Clay Aiken! In fact, you can ask him in person if you win “Biltmore Tests Your Idol IQ” where one lucky listener can win a Biltmore Prize Pack which includes reserved concert seating to see Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard on Friday, July 23rd at the Biltmore Estate! Just name the last five second place winners of American Idol for your chance to win this great prize!

For more information, visit: 

K104.7Cool Rewards

On Friday, July 5, 2010, Universal Music Group posted their Holiday Weekend Playlist on MySpace.  It looked like Universal chose one song from the MySpace page of 23 popular artists and combined them to create an exciting playlist of diverse music.  From Sheryl Crow to Justin Bieber, Maroon 5 to Eminem, there seemed to be something for everyone including Clay Aiken fans.  They included Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You on this great list.

When the list was posted in Friday afternoon, Clay’s play-count was the least of anyone on the list.  But, as of Monday night, Clay had over 9000 plays on the weekend and lost that place on the list.

Sometimes we forget how important it is to play Clay’s songs through MySpace and FaceBook.  Many people view both sites every day and although many Clay fans listen to his music each day, we don’t use the social internet sites as much as we should.  So, the next time you are at home and choose to listen to Tried & True, why not listen to it from Clay Aiken’s MySpace page.  Every play is a vote for Clay!!

Holiday Weekend Playlist

Clay’s MySpace Playlist

Before Monday, most Clay Aiken fans knew little about Better TV.  That changed quickly when we found out that they were showing a short interview with Clay on July 5th.

Better is a nationally syndicated lifestyle TV show that aims to make ones life “better” by focusing on trends, beauty breakthroughs, finances, fitness, sex, decorating and all hot topics that affect your family and relationships.

Audra Lowe is the New York host of Better. Her broadcasting career includes 20 years in broadcasting. She hosted “FoxNOW”, Fox Broadcasting’s online entertainment arm promoting new and returning shows. Audra became one of the first to nab backstage interviews with “American Idol” finalists.

The program is produced and distributed by Meredith Corporation that was first founded as a publishing company back in 1902. Better gets its name from Meredith’s flagship publication, Better Homes and Gardens.

Did you have a chance to see Clay on the program?  If not, you can see it here.    There is a list of videos on the right.  Scroll down until you find Clay’s interview.   You can also download the video at CU

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6 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Contest For Asheville Tickets and Hotel

  1. I was able to watch the clip from "BetterTV" yesterday. I did not get the channel, but of course we are so fortunate to have people capture it and post it for us. Clay as always, was charming….

    Thanks for the info on BetterTV…I had no idea it even existed….


  2. It would be fun if someone who is a big fan wins the tickets to the Biltmore concert.

    I was unaware of Better TV. I learn a lot by being a Clay fan.

    How fun to see the Myspace numbers. Everyone should hear Clay sing. I hope the playlist stays active!

    Many thanks for all the information.

  3. What a great source of information we got here. Hope you will keep the link here so we can just come here for the live stream.

  4. Thanks for updating us on all the latest Clay news. It's great having one website we can go to to find out all that's going on with Clay.

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