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It is time for the Saturday Mid-Day report!  AND…how fun to have much to share!

Clay Aiken was out early on Saturday meeting and speaking with the people in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District.


There are two new article about Clay’s run for Congress.  They are both great

The – Aiken Angling For His Next Stage: Congress

Before Clay Aiken hit the big time as runner-up on “American Idol” in 2003, his performance venues included a small Southern Pines stage.

Now the recording star is moving to another kind of national stage, announcing last week that he will run as a Democratic candidate in the 2nd Congressional District, which includes all of Moore County.

Aiken, who was in several productions at the former Mannie’s Dinner Theatre in Southern Pines when he was in high school, said in an interview with The Pilot last week that he is a “serious” candidate and that he is “not naive enough to believe” that his name recognition will be enough to carry him to Washington in his first bid for elective office.

“This is a serious thing for me,” Aiken said. “I am dedicated to this cause. I care about the people of this district. I am going to convince people that I am the best person for the job. I have a microphone. I feel like this is where I can make a difference…

This article is long, but very interesting as it is written by someone who lives in the area and knows Clay and his history first-hand.  You can read it at:  PILOT


MySpace – Here’s the Real Reason Clay Aiken Could Get Elected to Congress

…Even if Clay doesn’t win, his candidacy could be effective in attracting money and attention to political issues in a state that has been reeling from the conservative backlash to Barack Obama over past few years. If fans got passionate about the unfairness of Ruben Studdard beating Clay on Idol, imagine how they’ll react when they find out about the gerrymandering that turned Clay’s slightly blue-leaning district into a Republican stronghold! Or how they’ll feel about voter ID laws, which could make it even harder for people to vote than it was during that clearly rigged season two finale! Forget soccer moms, NASCAR dads, Log Cabin Republicans and Reagan Democrats—in North Carolina, there’s no constituency as powerful as American Idol fans. When it comes to this race, it’s not polling data that’s a measure of a man; it’s Clay’s debut album, Measure of a Man.

Laugh it off if you want, but in North Carolina, you can bet people are paying attention.

Don’t be put off by the joking that the writer uses…yes, he is being silly, but he also has some great information and ideas in this article.  It is worth a read.  You can read the entire article at MYSPACE

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