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Did you happen to read the tweets from Clay Aiken on Wednesday?  Both tweets were interesting and very different from each other.

In the early afternoon, Clay posted the following:

Watched speak at today He’s the reasonable and authentic Repub candidate that Dems should be worried about


I don’t know about you, but I did know Lindsey Graham.  He is a Republican politician who has served as a United States Senator from South Carolina since 2003.  He is currently running for the President of the United States.

I admit that I did not know about The Atlantic Council…so I looked it up.

I learned that the Atlantic Council is an International affairs think tank that was founded in 1961.  The headquarters is in Washington D.C.  According to Wikipedia:

…the Council provides a forum for international political, business, and intellectual leaders. It manages ten regional centers and functional programs related to international security and global economic prosperity…The Atlantic Council has, since its inception, been a nonpartisan institution, with members “from the moderate internationalist wings of both parties.”…

It is not surprising that Clay knows of this organization and follows their speakers.  He seems like the kind of person who loves to learn about topics that are important.


A few hours later, Clay posted another tweet:

Oh please, sweet Jesus! Please! — Trump leads GOP field in North Carolina

I think most people know Donald Trump…he is an “extreme” politician.  People either think he is an irritating clown or the best of the best.  According to the Hill article that Clay linked:

Donald Trump is leading the Republican field in North Carolina, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The billionaire businessman has the support of 16 percent of GOP primary voters in the Tar Heel State in the latest survey from left-leaning Public Policy Polling .

I doubt that Clay Aiken and Trump agree on the way to get things done in politics.  What do you think?


In July, 2014, Clay was busy meeting, talking and learning with the voters of the 2nd Congressional District in North Carolina. It was fun to watch some of the interesting places that he visited throughout the campaign.

With Rep. Lewis on July 26th

Fundraising Event featuring the Red Clay Ramblers July 30th

Busy in Moore County on July 8th

A 4th of July Parade!!

What do you think Clay will be doing in July of 2016?

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