Clay Aiken – UNICEF Ambassador

I am still thinking about the wonderful speech that Clay Aiken gave at the Key Club Convention.  Clay is certainly a wonderful spokesperson for UNICEF and children all over the world.

We have been so lucky to see many wonderful pictures of the trips that Clay has taken in his role as Ambassador Aiken.  I hope the pictures will remind you of what a excellent person Clay Aiken is.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. That 4th picture always gets to me. I can't imagine the emotions Clay was feeling being there in person to witness it.

  2. I love all of these photos, but I'm partial to those from Uganda and from Somalia. Thanks for sharing Clay Aiken with us on a daily basis, he's truly one of a kind and we are blessed.

  3. Clay Aiken's involvement with UNICEF has really captured his heart. He is a natural for this position.

  4. Haven't seen these photos for awhile. Makes me a bit misty. Clay Aiken loves his work helping children.

  5. I have to agree that the fourth picture down always did get to me. I remember reading a report that Clay wrote about being there and seeing what they had to do to stay safe through the night. I remember him saying that he felt so bad that on the plane trip back home he cried for an hour just thinking about the children's hardships. He is a perfect Unicef Ambassador.

  6. I so clearly remember all of the photos and remember how proud I was of Clay's UNICEF work. I especially remember the third one from the top. I was on a trip and was lucky enough to find the magazine at a small market along the way. It was such a treasure–still have it. Clay Aiken is also a treasure.

  7. Thanks for the photos showing Clay's work with UNICEF. Other than being with his son, I really think he is at his happiest when he is helping children. He is a class act with a heart of gold and a great love of children everywhere. UNICEF got a real jewel when they got him as an ambassador!

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