Clay Aiken – Album Released In Indonesia

Through Universal Music’s Indonesian Facebook, it was announced that Tried & True was officially released this past week in Indonesia.  It was just a few weeks ago that Clay Aiken’s song, It’s Impossible, was found on the radio charts in Indonesia.

Indonesia is home to over 234 million people, making it the fourth most populous nation in the world.  This large population is spread out over 17,508 islands that stretch over five thousand miles along the equator.   It is a diverse and unique country with many cultures.  Yet, just as their national motto says, Indonesia and its people have found “unity in diversity.”

Clay Aiken visited Indonesia in 2004 as an Ambassador for UNICEF.  He visited Banda Aceh after the devastating tsunami hit the northern tip of the country.

It would be wonderful if Clay could make a return visit to the country and perhaps even give a concert in Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia.

Picture of Tried and True in a Store in Indonesia

You can see Universal Music Indonesian Facebook Page HERE

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  1. Hi Musicfan, greetings from Indonesia.

    Thank you verymuch for this article, especially the last paragraph about how wonderful it is if Clay can come to Indonesia.

    I’ve been doing this request anywhere I can, in any website (including in Universal Indonesia lol)

    It’s really is wonderful if Clay can spare some of his Tried & True promotion to Indonesia (Asia) …or even better…bring Timeless tour to Indonesia :).

    He can come to Banda Aceh again to see how quickly we can recover from tsunami (not yet 100% perfect but we are moving very quickly).

    Once again thank you very much for your wonderful blog.

    Love from Indonesia

    • jennie, i can get you T&T here in Indonesia. I have a colleague who often visit indonesia. I can buy you all the CD & DVD, then you can get it from him. How about it ? … if you agree we can communicate through my private e-mail.
      I know in Singapore they sell the CD but not sure the DVD.
      You really have to have the DVD…it's sooooo good …really a OMG concert.

      Jan, apologize… I use your blog to communicate with jennie… just want to help a friend here…
      tks. Puteri

      • musicfan…apologize…I should have to apology to you the blog owner, not to Jan…
        sorry..sorry… pardon my mistake …
        🙂 forgot where I write .. 🙂 website, blog …. sometimes confuse … apologize

        • No problem……I get confused all the time!! I am just glad you are here and reading!!

  2. Thanks for this great interesting article. I hope Clay gets to tour there and that everyone is able to get this album.

  3. This is just awesome that Clay is getting international attention. I hope he can do some touring overseas and especially Indonesia.

  4. Happy to see Clay Aiken's new album is being released in Indonesia. I know he has many fans there. Hopefully, he may tour there, too.

  5. Glad to see that Tried and True is being released in Indonesia. I am hoping that he will be able to tour internationally. I think he has fans there and in other area's. Hope you all enjoy Clay as much as we do. The Tried and True CD is awesome.

  6. This is wonderful news. I hope Decca continues to promote Clay overseas so more people can enjoy Clay's amazing talent.

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