Clay Aiken – And I Owe It All To You!

….I’ve had the time of my life
No I never felt this way before
Yes I swear it’s the truth
And I owe it all to you
‘Cause I’ve had the time of my life
And I’ve searched through every open door
‘Til I found the truth
And I owe it all to you…..

When you hear this song, won’t you always think of Clay and Ruben?

It’s been 5 days since the end of the Timeless Tour and the memories are still fresh in the minds of Clay Aiken fans.  The following are some of my favorite memories.

The Black Hammer pants…….Clay was so proud to show them off!

Clay sitting on Rubens lap!

Livin’ la Vida Loca

The mike in the drawers

The Kiss!!

What is your favorite moment from the tour?

The talented SueReu made a wonderful video of the Timeless Tour.  It is a “must-see” video.   Enjoy!!

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16 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – And I Owe It All To You!

  1. Thank you for the beautiful video montage that captured great moments from this tour. I had such a great time attending my first two concerts and this brings back great memories.

  2. I loved it ALL 😀 but, I guess if I had to pick, I'd have to say the black hammer pants in Reno – the concert when Clay first wore those pants. I had been to the Snoqualmie concert and Clay was Hammerpantless, so he rolled up one leg of his jeans and Ruben asked if he was going fly fishing – so, to see those black pants in Reno was hilarious!

    Thanks for the great photos and for the great memories – I truly did have the time of my life

  3. I wasn't at any of the concerts but one moment that stands out for me is Clay singing and dancing Footloose. Singing the BeeGees comes a close 2nd.

  4. I liked Clay's upbeat songs that he sings so well. But I do believe I fell in love with More Than A Feeling.

  5. SueRue..thank you so much for the montage…This summer really was "The Time of Our Lives". It was a great run, and so much fun, and the singing just could not be better… I don't really know what my favourite moment was…there are just too many. I did love the black hammer pants as well Sue….the look on Clay's face as if he was so proud of what he was wearing….He cracks me up…


  6. I think Footloose was the highlight of the concerts for me…it was great to be there to experience it live,and how everyone was up on their feet dancing along.

    There's nothing like the thrill of seeing a Clay Aiken concert live.

  7. I loved it all, but Clay singing and hitting that 'note' in "More Than A Feeling" did it for me everytime!!! (not to mention the the last "kiss"….holy smokes) And I'm still having withdrawal 🙂

  8. Musicfan,

    Many thnx for these Timeless Tour highlights. Love SueReu's montage that provides an overview of the Clay Aiken-Ruben Studdard summer shows. I couldn't pick a favorite moment, but I would list "Footloose," "More Than a Feeling," the nightly revivals, etc.

    Have a great weekend!


  9. Thanks for the great montage-I loved this concert tour. I loved Footloose and Clay's hammer pants and his dancing with Ruben. So many great times in that concert I cannot pick just one. Just a week ago I was at Turning Stone-wish I could turn back time!

  10. Loved the montage and yes indeed, I had the time of my life with my roadtrip buddies and can't wait to do it again. I can't get enough of the clack of this tour and Sue really nailed the best parts for her montage. Waiting for # 2, #3. #4 …………..

    Thanks to all.

  11. so many wonderful memories, loved them all but my favorite was Clay Aiken coming on the stage with the black hammer pants in Reno… he was so proud he had found some good shopping there xD

  12. SueRue, I don't know how you and the other Clack gatherers do it. I was at the Lancaster concert and didn't manage to get even one photograph that I could use. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with the Clay Nation. Clay brings joy to all of us and we have the time of our life in reliving it thru your videos.

    • Thank you Emily! We are truly blessed that Clay allows people to take the photos and videos at his concerts so that the rest of us can create and share the memories.

  13. Thanks to all for your kind comments about the video, and thanks to all who gather the clack 😀 and, of course, thanks to Clay for allowing it all to happen!!!

  14. I loved the whole, it is hard to pick a favorite…but, I absolutely loved how Clay sang "More Than A Feeling." Just amazing. Also, that last kiss with Casey was really HAWT too. I went to the Orlando Concert and my daughter and I had the time of our lives. I don't think we ever laughed that much in our whole lives.

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