Clay Aiken – Changes or The Same??

One of the exciting things about  being a Clay Aiken fan is watching him as he has matured and changed throughout the years.  The last tour, The Timeless Tour, had a joke using stools and it was hysterical.  Seeing Ruben pouting on his too small stool was a highlight of the tour.

Have stools always been a part of Clay Aiken tours?  Absolutely!  I went back and pulled some pictures from each tour.  Which picture is your favorite?  Did you choose it for the picture or for the memories of the tour?  We would love to read your thoughts.

1.  Independent Tour

#2  Solo Tour

#3 Joyful Noise 1

#4  Jukebox Tour

#5  Joyful Noise 2

#6  Symphonic Christmas

#7  Soft Rock & A Hard Place

#8  Christmas In The Heartland

No Use of Stool -but fun picture!

#9  Timeless Tour

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Changes or The Same??

  1. Wow… all the pictures, but I think my favorites are 2 and 8. We have sure had a great time with Clay………I have enjoyed watching him throughout the years!!

  2. My favorite is #6 Symphonic Christmas. Not only did Clay look knockout gorgeous in this Christmas Show…But, I love all the Christmas songs..and he was also very funny in this show. But, of course, he is always growing and changing..and I think that is why he is so fascinating.

  3. Gosh…

    I love all the pictures…#2 just brings back so many memories….

    When Clay sits on the stool and sings, I always think of him as sitting in his living room singing…He's very comfortable like that…I love it… He is very calm on stage, at least he shows that he is.

    Thanks for the pictures CANN…I miss him already!!!


  4. Clay on a stool — picture #2 is the one I like best. He's wearing my all time favorite casual shirt which quietly enhances his good looks. The tone-on-tone striped tie boldly offers a dash of bright color. Although the stool is rustic/country, it amazingly blends right in as a subtle but quaint accessory. Of course, the attractive guy in the picture is the main attraction.

  5. I loved when Clay sat on a stool on the Sympony tour and sang Lover All Alone. You could have heard a pin drop before the burst of applause at the end. The Timeless tour stools were by far the funniest. Of course, I love all of them.

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