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In this busy time of celebrating Everything – Clay Aiken, we would like to take a moment to celebrate a small achievement here at CANN.  Some time in the middle of Sunday night, we reached 200,000 hits on our site.

Little did we imagine when the site started about a year and a half ago that we would reach this exciting milestone.

This will be the 825th post on this blog. We have covered many topics from news of Broadway, the music industry and even some short bios of some of the people who have supported Clay in his musical career.  Of course, the news about Clay Aiken is always our top priority.

We have had visitors from Brazil to Saudi Arabia, Japan to Ghana, and Pakistan to the United Kingdom. Each visitor is an important part of our family and the ClayNation.  I hope that some of our visitors from all over the world will stop by and say hello.  We all want to know each other better and share the excitement of  Everything – Clay Aiken.  Just click on the comment number under the blog and say a quick hello!  Also, be sure to check out the small map at the bottom right of the page.  Give it a click and you will see that we are a world-wide site.  It is fun to see so many hits from all over the world.

We are sending a huge Thank You to all of you for your support and encouragement.  Please let us know if you have some ideas to help the site and it’s always nice to hear when you enjoy something too.


Ben Wener from the Orange County Register wrote an interesting review of the concert in Los Angeles Sunday night.

Mr. Werner really enjoyed himself at the concert and it is so nice to read a review from someone who actually was there and didn’t mail the review in before the show.  The article is long, but a few nice comments are:

  • An only slightly old-fashioned Southern gentleman with natural comic timing, Aiken has further bolstered his reputation via memorably funny television appearances, especially as a frequent guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Methinks he envies the host: quick-witted but ever-sweet Aiken would be perfect for a revamp mash-up of The Mike Douglas Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show……
  • Each vocalist shined on his own: in addition to nailing the sky-high notes on Orleans’ “Still the One” and (in the Seventies Medley) Boston’s “More Than a Feeling,” Aiken capably handled Elvis’ “Suspicious Minds” and Manilow’s “Mandy,” while Studdard expertly summoned the grit of Otis Redding (for “Bring It on Home to Me”) and the effortless glide of Marvin Gaye (on a silken segue from “Mercy Mercy Me” into “What’s Going On”) before impressing as usual with his nuanced, Luther Vandross-informed reading of Leon Russell’s “Superstar.”
  • Aiken and Studdard steamrolled gleefully through material both expectedly glossy and uncharacteristic. The Motown gems suited the latter as much as the power ballads of Chicago and REO Speedwagon were tailored for the former, but what I can’t shake is the sight of Aiken kicking off Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” or both of them kicking up their heels for Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” and New Kids on the Block’s “The Right Stuff.”
  • It’s such a schmaltzy conception that I often found myself wanting these two to give me a reason to loathe their performance — except that I kept enjoying myself. Loosely silly as their show is, it’s also unabashedly joyful, and above all smoothly executed … a simple entertainment that could have legs if given half a chance and a bigger budget … a kinda-corny, kinda-cute variety show …

You can read the entire review by visiting the website….OCRegister Don’t forget to leave a message to let the writer and paper know Clay and Ruben have fans that support them and support people who write legitimate reviews.



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  1. hellooooo… I am Puteri from Indonesia. I always enjoy your blog. One of my must do in my daily task is open clayaikentheidealidol which will lead me toward other enjoyment :)…. like this blog, I love this blog soooo much. It keeps me updated on all Clay's thing…thanks, thanks, thanks a lot

      • hi suerue…nice meeting you…you know what … I've been following your clack..I've stolen some of them for my private creative & ipod..hope you dont mind… 🙂
        tks for all your creativities… makes me updated about our man 🙂

    • Puteri……welcome to CANN! It is so nice to see you posting here. Clay Aiken is a great man and I am glad that you think so too.

      I hope you will post more often!!

  2. Congratulations to CANN for your latest milestone. It really is a great site and I think it is very telling that it has been noticed by others outside the fandom.

    I absolutely love this show. The guys are hilarious and the vocal talent is tops. I like that review. The guy didn't want to like the show, but he did. That's a good thing.

  3. Musicfan and CANN Staff,

    Congratulations on CANN's remarkable milestone of 200,000 hits from around the world!

    As for Ben Wener's LA concert review, I have read much worse from him. I wonder if he includes so much personal life details in reviews of other performers.

    Have a great week!


  4. Congrats CANN on 200,000 views!!!! Thanks for bringing us all things Clay Aiken – love it!!

    I could write a tome about the OC Register review, but I'll spare you. Let's just say that I felt the positive WAY outnumbered any negative. Yes, I could have done without the mention of Clay's personal life – but it is the reality (whether we like it or not). I feel the tide is slowly turning, and I'm more than ready to catch the next wave!!!! (since it was an LA concert review felt I needed to put in a surfing analogy). On to Milwaukee!!!!

  5. Congratulation to ClayAikenNewsNetwork, Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site, it is so informative and so supporting of Clay Aiken.

  6. Congratulations to CANN on reaching a milestone. I have learned so much here related not only to Clay Aiken but also the music business in general. I really appreciate all your hard work and look forward to many more articles from CANN.

  7. I say Kudo's to ClayAikenNewsNetwork for all the interesting articles you always post. It is nice to come to this site and read such encouraging and upbeat news about our Clay. Really appreciate this site. Keep up the good I look forward to checking this site out every day.

  8. This is a great place. I visit every day and get so much information.

    Thank you for all the information and fun.

    I would love to hear from more of our overseas fans.

    I found the Orange County review interesting. So much was positive, but there were a few lines I wish were not there….but the guy liked the concert. That is important!

  9. Thank you CANN for all that you do and for reaching the milestone of 200,000 hits.

    I check out your site almost everyday.

    I really enjoy hearing all about Clay, Ruben and the TOUR –love the clack!

  10. Hi!

    My name is Kristbjörg, but you can call me Krissa. I live in a small town called Akureyri which is in the north side of Iceland. I have "been in love" with Clay since AI, and I finally saw him with my own eyes on Spamalot in Mai 2008. It took me 5 hours by plain and another 5 hours by car to get there, but it was more than worth it.
    But because I live so far away it really is difficult to keep in touch with the Clay news, but CAAN helps me a lot. Thank you so much for your hard work.
    Hugs to you all

    • Krissa…welcome to CANN! I am so glad you posted and that you read this blog.

      Clay Aiken is an amazing man. I am glad you got to see him in Spamalot. Maybe you will see him in a concert sometime too.

      Clay has made it possible for us to be a family all over the world. How fun to have friends all over the world.

      I hope you will comment again and thank you for your kind words.

    • Hi Krissa!!!! How cool that you got to see Clay in Spamalot, but that's quite a trip! I sure hope you get a chance to see him live and in concert – there's nothing like a Clay Aiken concert 😀


  11. Puteri and Krissa It is so wonderful to find out about more Clay fans from different parts of the world.

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