Clay Aiken – In The Forefront Of Style

According to Tony Xavier Jones, a freelance fashion and clothing expert who specializes in men’s dress shirts, white dress shirts are making a comeback for the “in look” in men’s styling.  So, once again, we learn that Clay Aiken is in the forefront of style when he performs.  Just think how important the white dress shirt was during this summer’s Timeless Tour.

Tony says:  A classic white dress shirt with a spread collar is always appropriate and sends the signal that you’re efficient, neat, and ready to join the team.

Tony says:  A white dress shirt is typically worn with a jacket and a tie.  White shirts should be worn tucked in, accompanied with a necktie.

Tony says:  Even though white shirts are usually worn as formal wear, more and more men are beginning to wear white dress shirts as casual wear. Casually, a white shirt can be worn tucked in or pulled out. Typically, in a casual occasion, it can be worn with the sleeves folded or rolled up. They are usually worn without a tie.

Tony says:   Men’s white dress shirts also look great with blue jeans or khaki pants, with the top button unfastened for a more relaxed or casual look. White dress shirts can be worn to almost every occasion.

Tony says:  Make sure your shirt is always crisp, clean and pressed. A rumpled shirt signals a disheveled lifestyle.  Wear a plain white tee shirt under your dress shirt to keep from showing perspiration.

Thank you, Clay, for allowing all the wonderful pictures of this tour.

Thank you to all the talented people who share their pictures.

The “in look” is amazing!!

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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – In The Forefront Of Style

  1. That's our stylin Clay. Always ahead of his time. Of course he'd look hot in a burlap sack but he does have his own style.

  2. Dear musicfan123,
    thank you for all beautiful pictures….my god…our clay is sooooo handsome in those pictures.
    I am mesmerized & can not say a thing…just drooling ….
    tsk..tsk…tsk.. no wonder why I love him so much…just very adorable.

    Thank you very much for the blog. I always enjoy your blog very much… it's one of my 'have to' site to be opened everyday …clayaikentheidealidol, carolina on my mind & yours…the 3 important source of clay everyday for me. Those all are my everyday breakfast 🙂
    thank you musicfan.

    ***Puteri from indonesia

    • Puteri…thank you for all the kind words. I am so glad that you are a part of the ClayNation.

      Clay certainly is a handsome man!!

  3. *waves to Puteri from Indonesia*

    Clay looked extra fantastic during the Timeless Tour. Loved the white dress shirt, so much better than the yellow fishing shirt he wore for the first few concerts 😉

    Thanks for the information! Whether it's a bow tie, suspenders or a white dress shirt, I have a feeling Clay may be a little more fashion forward than we give him credit for

  4. Always love seeing a man in a white shirt with tie and jacket, but also love to see Clay Aiken wear the shirt informally without the tie.

  5. Clay does look great on that white shirt!! love these pictures.

    Jeans,and white shirt ….he looks so handsome in it. 🙂

  6. I'll take the white shirt and his OMG jeans. He looks sooooo sexy. Loved looking at the great pictures taken of this beautiful man.

  7. What a cute way to show us some fabulous pictures. Just when I think I have seen all the pictures, more show up.

    Is there really a Tony?? Don't care because Clay really is soooo handsome!!

    Thanks for the fun!

  8. White shirts and jeans have always been a favourite of mine. That picture cameocat took in N.Y. is extremely hawt!!!!

    Thanks musicfan. 🙂

  9. Great photos. I don't think Clay knows or cares whether he's in style or not, but it's nice to know he's in style this time.

  10. Clay looks great in a white shirt…He wears it well. I think he is in style when he is performing on stage, but in real life, I think he just likes to throw anything on…. He's cool like that.

    Clay looked absolutely great this summer on tour…and he looked happy, and the voice of course was in fine form…..

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