Clay Aiken – Clay Talks And We Listen!

Thursday evening, Clay Aiken was featured on InnerVIEWS, a show on PBSHouston.  According to the many fans that were able to see the program, the interview was wonderful.  The program showed  how good Ernie Manouse is at his job as he allowed Clay to do most of the talking.

The following are a few random comments that were posted by fans after the program was broadcast.  A big thank you to those of you in Houston.

  • Clay came across as smart and articulate.
  • Being a father and having a child changes your entire life and the decisions he makes in everything he does.  He doesn’t just think about himself.  He has to think about how his actions affect his son.
  • Clay thinks that because he was so famous so fast he really didn’t know what he wanted.  At first, he allowed people to dictate what he recorded.  After 7 years in the business he hopes he has gained the respect of the people around him and that he understands what is going on and can say “I want to do it this way.”
  • He is picky but not a diva.  He believes he is more involved in the nuts and bolts of his career than most of his peers.
  • Clay considers himself a “Type A” personality.  He likes to have control…he is picky.
  • He hopes he is quick to defer to others when he is working in a new field.  He does not pretend to know things that he doesn’t.
  • He is more comfortable being himself and saying what he wants….no more pretense.
  • He told about being in an Apple store with a friend and he decided to check twitter.  Sure enough, someone had tweeted  “I’m standing in line with Clay Aiken in the Apple store.”
  • In choosing the songs to sing, he plans to only pick songs that he loves to perform live.
  • When he was recording Tried & True, Clay went into the studio without the lyrics because he knew the songs so well.

Clay had a lot more to share in the interview and I can’t wait to see it.  If you are interested in getting your own copy of this exclusive interview you can call the membership department of HoustonPBS at 713-743-8483 and get your own copy for a basic membership of $40!

If you are in another viewing area, this episode will be airing in late January in selected markets.  You can check with your local PBS station for more information.

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15 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Clay Talks And We Listen!

  1. This sounds like a wonderful interview. From what was posted, Clay was able to talk about important topics to him. After reading about Ernie Manouse, he sounds like a top notch interviewer. Thanks for the information on this!

  2. This interview should be great…I will definately get it… I had read that Ernie brings out the best in the people he interviews….and we all know that Clay loves to talk…. I am so looking forward to this….

  3. The interview was not broadcast in our area yet so seeing this summary is fun. Clay is always well-spoken in his interviews, but it is rare when he isn't interrupted by the interviewer to move on to the next question. I do believe none of the idols were prepared for the media scrutiny as they came off idol especially in the early seasons. He has come a long way over the past seven years and been through more media attacks than any other person coming off idol and most entertainers in general. Can't wait to see the interview.

  4. Thanks for the summaries of Clay Aiken being interviewed by Ernie Manouse. So great for an interviewer to ask intelligent questions and to want to hear the answer.

  5. fgs: "He has come a long way over the past seven years and been through more media attacks than any other person coming off idol and most entertainers in general."
    I absolutely believe this totally. Clay always seems to be held to a different (higher) standard than others.

  6. Love the recap – I cannot wait to see it myself!
    Sounds like Ernie Manouse asked the question and LET Clay answer it and not rush him.

  7. 🙂 thanks for the recap! I'm looking forward to seeing this interview – a basic membership to yet another PBS station may be in my future 😉

    I love to listen to Clay Aiken talk and it sounds like Ernie allows his guests the common courtesy of actually allowing them to get their thoughts out there. Bravo Ernie Manouse!

  8. Great recap..thanks!! I can't wait to hear the interview.

    Clay is so articulate and it is nice that Mr. Manouse allowed Clay to be Clay!!

    Another great blog!!

  9. So great to hear that Ernie let Clay do most of the talking on the Innerview. Clay loves to talk and I love to listen to him. I might just have to get this innerview. Have to add that Clay looks gorgeous in the pictures you posted. Of course…when doesn't he?

  10. I'm anxious to see this interview and hope I don't have to wait too long for it. It sounds like a wonderful interview.

  11. IMO, A good professional interviewer will ask relevant compact question and allows the guest-star to talk and be the star of the show instead of dominating the show by talking more than the guest-star or cutting in before the guest-star could even finish talking. Some interviewers enjoy full or more attention or prominence than the guest-star in the interview, it's like focusing more about them and not the guest star making the guest star in the back seat. I find Ernie is a pro., no wonder he got an Emmy award. Very nice. Cannot wait to see the interview.

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