Clay Aiken – How’s The Weather?

May – 2003 – It was a busy month!

  • President Bush safely lands in a jet on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln returning from operations in Iraq. Bush makes a primetime address, surrounded by hundreds of sailors, in which he declares major combat operations in Iraq over while standing in front of a banner reading “Mission Accomplished.
  • The King of Morocco releases 9459 prisoners from Morocco’s prisons in celebration of the birth of his first son and heir, who was named Prince Hassan.
  • After a 40-year wait, Russian fans of  The Beatles finally get to see former Beatle Paul McCartney on the Red Square in Moscow.
  • Legendary entertainer Bob Hope celebrates his 100th birthday, quipping, “I’m so old, they’ve canceled my blood type.
  • Finding Nemo was released into theaters.
  • Boobs! The Musical, opens at the Triad Theater in New York City.
  • Clay Aiken is the weatherman at WRAL in Raleigh, NC.  It is a one-day only event!

What were you doing in May, 2003?

I am so glad I found this great video on YouTube today.  I do remember Clay doing the weather, but I haven’t seen this is a long time!!

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  1. What an interesting and fun blog! Thank you! This is really a blast from the past. I've got to go back and read it again.

  2. I got caught up in watching all the videos that go with each one….hahahaha

    May 2003…I remember feeling so depressed when Clay didn't win AI…but got over it…I was so afraid that we would never see him again…..Thank God I was wrong….It has been the best 7+ years ever!!!!!!

  3. I hadn't seen that video before so thank you for a new Clay experience. On this cold and windy day, it was a picker upper. I do remember the high humidity in Raleigh when we were there in 2004.

    Thanks for another great blog.

  4. I have to admit..Clay did a very good job of giving the weather. With a little bit of improvising he did excellent. I wouldn't mind having him as my weatherman. Really enjoyed this article and especially Mr. Weatherman.

  5. How Fun!! I do remember Clay doing the weather, but I haven't watched this is years!!

    Fun 2003 facts too. Thanks for being so creative!!


  6. I probably haven't watched that video since I originally saw it in 2003 so It was fun watching it again.

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