Clay Aiken – Thank Goodness For Laptops!

This blog is coming to you compliments of my laptop computer.  I live in California and we are having a terrible heatwave………….electricity is out!!  Laptops with good batteries do help out.

So………this blog is short and fast and hopefully, the Wi-Fi will work!!  I have time to post some pictures and some videos of one of my favorite ” Clay Aiken”  looks.

On 9/27/06 Clay appeared on KTLA Morning News.  He looked great and the hosts seemed  surprised by his  political knowledge and commentary.

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Thank Goodness For Laptops!

  1. Hope you get your electricity back. Thank you for posting through thick and thin!

    I loved this interview. Clay really does stay informed and it showed (must be all that CNN). Added bonus..boy did he look hot 🙂

  2. Musicfan… Thank you for putting up those clips again….It was great to watch…
    Clay Aiken is such a great guest on shows…He's just so knowledgeable and fun….I'd like to see him on more shows like that….. Thanks, it really was fun to watch again…

  3. It was so great to watch these video's again from 2006 on the KTLA Station. I remember this so well. These interviews are one of my daughter's favorites. She mentioned how smart and informed Clay really is after watching these. Needless to say, he is looking mighty fine too. Love the hair. Thank you so much for showing these even though you had no electricity. Hope you have it back on by now.

  4. Thanks for being a trooper and posting even with limited electricity!!! Clay looked great that day and he's always a great interview – thanks for posting!

  5. That was a great appearance for Clay Aiken. He demonstrated how current he is with current events and his intelligence.

  6. Double damn! Brains, looks, the vox, the heart of gold, the philanthropist, etc. etc. all in one gorgeously wrapped package! 😉

  7. I REALLY love this look of Clay!! He did such a great job on that show…….handsome, intelligent and articulate.

    I hope you have your power back. A special thanks for still doing the blog!!

  8. Hope the heat wave breaks soon for you. I had never seen this news report before. Clay looks so hot. Love the hair and how comfortable he is just talking to the news people.

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