Clay Aiken – Chicago Concert Is Sold Out!

Good News for Clay Aiken, WTTW – Chicago, and the many fans of Clay Aiken!!  It was posted on Tuesday that the October 14th concert in Chicago is SOLD OUT!

The concert is an event to help support WTTW, the Chicago area PBS TV station.  Fans were able to purchase their tickets through the TV station at a price of $250.00 per ticket.  Clay and his band will be performing at the intimate Park West Theatre in Chicago.  He will be singing songs from his new album, Tried and True, plus some other wonderful hits.

You can see the sold-out announcement at the website for WTTW

A sold out concert is a great way to promote both Clay and WTTW.  Congratulations!

Asia One News is a site that brings together many different communities and reports on news, business and lifestyles of the Singapore area.  On Tuesday the site published an article about Ruben Studdard.  According to the writer, Christina Ng, Ruben will be in Singapore to perform on October 29-30.  Ruben will perform at the Singapore Sun Festival as part of The Hitman David Foster and Friends concert at the Esplanade Concert Hall on Oct 29 and 30 at 7.30pm. Tickets priced at $78, $118, $168, $218 and $258 are available.

The article is filled with questions and comments about Clay as the author was obviously trying to get Ruben to “dish dirt” about his friend.  However, good friend Ruben had nothing but positive things to say about his buddy Clay.

Of his career, Ruben said:

“I just do my best and concentrate on myself. Hopefully, one day, fans will see me as one of the best Idols ever. I’m living my dream and this is what I’ve always wanted to do.”

It is always great to hear nice things about Ruben.  To read the entire article, visit Asia One News

Have a wonderful Wednesday.  I leave today for Chicago.  I will carry my laptop with me and try to keep you all updated on everything that I see and hear.  Please stop by for the updates!!

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Chicago Concert Is Sold Out!

  1. This is absolutely wonderful…and the tickets are $250.00 each…for this special one time concert… It's great for PBS/WTTW and of course Clay…

    I must say since seeing Ruben touring with Clay this summer….He is a class act… We know Clay is that way, but I was really impressed with Ruben. The Timeless Tour was fantastic.. Two great singers and entertainers….without profanity…It sure is nice to see….

    Safe travels to all going to Chicago today for the concert tomorrow….I'm so excited for you!!!

  2. If you were not able to get tickets to the Chicago show. Their are still great seats for the March, 4, 2011 performance in Waukegan, IL. That's only about 60 minutes north of Chicago near the state line. visit for details.

  3. Just wonderful that the Chicago Show is sold out. Good news! Can't wait to get some clack. I am sure that it will be an awesome show.

    Yes, Ruben is a true friend to Clay…and vice versa! They put on one heck of a show together too.

  4. First, I am so glad that Chicago is a sell out. I can't wait for reports from the lucky ones that are attending. They are in for a treat I know. Clay always delivers his best.

    Secondly, I am so happy that Clay and Ruben are such close friends. I know this has helped both of them during tough times they have both had since AI. From the tour this summer, you could tell they respect and care about one another. They are also great as a singing and comedy team.

    Have a great time at the concert!

  5. Wonderful that the concert is sold out!!

    Thank you for the nice info on Ruben. I hope he is enjoying seeing the world. I hope Clay gets to do that soon!!

  6. So glad to see the concert in Chicago is sold out. This is really good for Clay… Can't wait for tomorrow night to see Clay and what he's singing.
    Thank you for the information on Ruben……this is good for him! Hope Clay gets his turn some day.

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