Clay Aiken – A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words!

If one picture of Clay Aiken is worth a thousand words,  more pictures are indescribable!

“A smile happens in a flash, but the memory can last a lifetime.”
Author: unknown

“Each photograph is a story captured in a single moment”
Author: M.Lopez

“Photographs are priceless.
Capturing something nothing else will.
A precious documentation of a moment standing still.”
Author: Nicole Baus
When we look at a picture, a moment of magic occurs. It is as if someone had laid a sheet of translucent paper over our thought and made a tracing of our memories.”
Author: –Tom Bentkowski

“When you photograph in black and white, you capture the color of the soul.”
Author: sophiejoey

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  1. Love the photos! Clay Aiken is an extremely photogenic man, especially when he's caught in candid moments. Thanks for the blog!

  2. Oh, that first picture almost knocked me over! Don't remember seeing that one, what a profile. Then when I scrolled down to the second one I stopped right below those amazing eyes, I would recognize those eyes anywhere.

    Thanks for the beautiful pics!

  3. Love these pictures of Clay Aiken!
    Who has thousands of Clay pictures saved on their computer just like me?????:D
    And each one more handsome than the next!

  4. I love all the photos of Clay above. His eyes especially stand out to me in any photo he is in. He also can express so many emotions in a picture. They are all just wonderful!

  5. Wonderful pictures of Clay…thanks musicfan…

    I've never seen anyone who is so photogenic…It's amazing…of all the thousands and thousands of pictures of Clay…we still can't see enough?? I always find it amusing, that no matter how many pics we have…we are all waiting for the next one… Some pics just seem to capture his beauty and soul….

  6. Phew! Glad we didn't have to pick a favorite. It would have been so hard. I have to say that I always loved blond Clay. That first and second picture is just sooo gorgeous. But, Judy is right…at least, I am always waiting for the next picture. Can.not. ever get enough of Clay Aiken.

  7. WOW !!!!….WOW!!!! WOW !!!! I am speechless & drooling. Those eyes…. mesmerized me ….l am fainted now 🙂 …. Love them all..super thanks

  8. Good googa moogly he's gorgeous. I'm with you Judy I could not pick a fav. His expressions are priceless and these pictures are hawt.

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