The Perfect Profile of Clay Aiken

Does anyone have a better profile than Clay Aiken?  Just take a look!


…the outline or contour of the human face, esp. the face viewed from one side.
…a picture or representation of the side view of a head.

A side view of an object or a structure, especially of the human head.


…a view or representation of an object,  in contour or outline

…an outlined view

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12 thoughts on “The Perfect Profile of Clay Aiken

  1. Oh yes….Clay has a perfect profile. I kind of like #1. It shows everything…and I am loving that stubble. Can never get enough of pictures of Clay if it is his profile or front view. He is a fantastically handsome man.

  2. Seeing those photos sure started my day out in a very positive way. That scruffy face just does me in! Thank you.

  3. Love the Clay Aiken profiles…..especially #3. It doesn't matter how a picture is taken he always comes through as one fantastic sexy man.

  4. Clay has such an beautiful profile. Of course he's hot full on and I gotta agree with the scruffy. I kinda lovin it! Thanks for the wonderful picutures. 🙂

  5. These pictures are amazing. Thank you for posting them. I am glad I don't have to decide which I like the best. I like them ALL!!

  6. I love all the photos of Clay. He certainly does have a perfect profile. I am so happy that we have so many fans that are wonderful photographers.

  7. I've always loved Clay's profile. The album cover of OMWH remains my favorite.
    Perfect Pitch, Perfect Personality, Perfect Physique, Perfect Profile…..Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!

  8. Love this blog. Clay sure has the best profile ever. No other man can top the look he has and every bit of his profile is so yummy and perfect. 🙂

  9. Clay sure does have a great profile. Some of my all time favorite pictures of Clay are profile shots.

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