Clay Aiken – Articulate and Knowledgeable!

Did you have a chance to see Clay Aiken on TV last night?  He was a guest on HLN’s The Joy Behar Show. Clay was there to discuss the escalating rise in bullying, especially for gay and lesbian people.

Clay was articulate and knowledgeable and added new insights about the problem.  Clay was on for almost 10 minutes and he and Joy seemed to enjoy the conversation.

The Joy Behar Show just celebrated one year of broadcast.  The show has increased viewership of HLN’s 9pm timeslot by 14% over last year.

If you missed Clay on the show, the following video should help you out.  It is Clay’s part of the Tuesday night show.

Playbill is a magazine in the United States that covers the field of performing arts.  Established in 1884, Playbill now serves theatre in most major American cities. In recent years, Playbill has added many of the nation’s prestigious performing arts organizations including Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Opera, and the San Francisco Symphony. Playbill is one of the largest consumer magazines, distributing an average of over three and a half million copies each month.

Playbill Fun Facts:

  • Circulation is 3.9 million a month. Playbill is in about 100 theatres in 24 cities across the country.
  • Playbill is a family business-it was founded by Frank Strauss and remained in his family for over 70 years. Bought by Arthur Birsh in 1974 it has remained in the Birsh family ever since.
  • was founded in 1994 they celebrate their 16th anniversary this year!

On October 19, 2010, published an interesting article featuring Clay Aiken and his work with Trick or Treat For UNICEF.  The well-written article covers some history of the Trick or Treat For UNICEF program.  Did you know that it is 60 years old?

Clay also recounted one of his favorite Halloweens in Raleigh.  When Clay was in 4th grade, he had a haunted house in his backyard.  There were hundreds of visitors who came to see the ghouls and ghosts.  Clay said that he was the greeter and because he was not of fan of ghosts, he wore a clown costume.  Even in 4th grade, Clay did his own thing!!

The article is full of lots of fun and loads of great information about the UNICEF program.  I hope you will read the entire article at

Today is Spirit Day.  Created by Brittany McMillan in memory of the young adults and teens that have committed suicide after gay bullying, GLAAD is sponsoring the day.  Brittany got the idea of the day by mirroring “Spirit Week” which is held in many schools.  The saying for the day is……Everyone Rally Together.

It’s really easy to participate…..there is no meetings or rallies….just:

Wear Purple on October 20 for Spirit Day!

For more information, visit GLAAD

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Articulate and Knowledgeable!

  1. It was great seeing Clay Aiken on Joy's show last night. Yes, he was very articulate and wise in his discussion of bullying. Thanks for posting the vid from last night.

  2. I am wearing Purple today to show my support of those who have been bullied or committed suicide over their gay identity.

  3. What I really appreciated about Clay Aiken's appearance last night was his calm and rational approach. No knee jerk reactions, just well thought out answers. He did extremely well!

    Loved the Playbill article too!

  4. I loved Clay's even handed approach to the social problem of bullying. No hysterics, no finger pointing, no ultimatums, rather he approaches it with calmness and a long term view. Amazing in site from a relatively young man.

  5. it sure was amazing seeing clay on tv lastnight he was wise in his discution about bullying on joys show

  6. Clay answered all of Joy's questions in an intelligent manner. I was so impressed. Clay always looks at the big picture. He didn't talk about his own experiences, but rather talked about what was happening recently with all the suicides and bashing of gay people. Needing to educate the young people of today, so that they will have a better understanding later on in life…. I am so proud of him….

  7. I did watch Clay on Joy's show. I thought he did an excellent job on communicating the way
    GLTB children and adults are treated each day and what needs to be done to change people's attitude regarding them. I like the idea of these children bringing up their attitude as they grow older.
    Thanks for the Playbill article also. While they are an arts magazine they have posted many great articles encouraging us in helping others such as Clay's efforts to work with UNICEF.
    I did not know today was Spirit Day -what a great idea to rally together for all. The world would be such a better place if we could do this on all the causes needing attention.

  8. Clay did a wonderful job last night. I'm so proud of him. He works so hard to do his part to make the world better. He's a good man.

  9. Yes, I did watch Clay on Joy Behar's Show. He did a great job…and he included each sides opinions. Clay is a very intelligent young man…and it showed on this interview.

    Loved his mention in the Playbill Article on how he and his family spent Halloween when he was a young child. Very interesting and funny. That's our Clay.

  10. I celebrated Spirit Day in a purple sweater. I was impressed with Clay's appearance on Joy Behar and I'm betting the casual viewers got a very good impression of Clay too.

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