Clay Aiken – Duets!

One of the many wonders of seeing Clay Aiken in a live concert is to experience the way he shares the spotlight with the other musicians on the stage.  It is almost like Clay wants us to share in his enjoyment of hearing his friends as they sing so well.

One of the ways Clay has introduced other singers to the audience is to sing duets with them.  I have chosen four videos that show four duets that Clay has performed with four different vocalists.  Each duet is amazing and also shows the  different styles of song that is always a highlight of a Clay Aiken concert.  I love all of these performances and can’t choose my favorite.  Which one do you like the most?

I Want To Know What Love Is!

Angela Fisher and Clay



Quiana Parler and Clay


The Prayer

Hannah Waddingham and Clay



Casey Thompson and Clay

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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Duets!

  1. "Crying" was Casey is my favorite of the four; loved Clay's performance of "In Whatever Time We Have" with Lauren Kennedy during the BBH concert this past June too.

  2. Could not pick a favorite–love them all. Love seeing the pride he shows with each singing partner. I have "Listen" in my iPod and it's been played countless times. Have the Broadway DVD with "The Prayer" and cherish that one. Love Angie and Clay on IWKWLI. But, I had not yet heard "Crying" with Casey–LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Thanks so much from bringing it here.

  3. How in the world can you possibly choose from those great clips? I could watch all of them time and again. I will say it is pretty funny to watch Clay "take on" Angela. Love it when he rocks out a bit! 🙂

  4. All the above Clay duets are fantastic and beautiful. The one that really stops me in my tracks is Listen. To me it is extra special, because though it was never rehearsed, the harmony is almost impeccable. Clay's and Quiana's voices both soar in exquisite accord. It is an absolute joy to listen to their version of Listen!

  5. Now this is really fun……..but there is no way I can pick a favorite!! I love them all.

    One of the best things about these duets is that they are all so different. Clay is wonderful in each one and his partners are wonderful too.

  6. My favourite duets were from the 2004 solo tour. 'I Knew You Were Waiting' with Angela and 'Chain of Fools' with Quiana tore the place up! 'Sign,Sealed, Delivered' was good, but too much Jacob to make my 'must listen' list.

  7. I dont see a place to cast my vote, so I will just make a comment that I cant choose between them since Clay is singing and he is fantastic.

  8. Clay is so generous when he does duets to let the other performers voice shine through also. I love all of these. But if I had to pick just one it would probably be Listen since that was a spur of the moment thing since Angie felt sick and could not do it.
    Thanks for posting these great videos again-such great memories!

  9. Wow! What memories these duets bring up!!! I love every one of them. They are ALL my favorite! Thanks for posting them!

  10. Sorry can't choose…I love them all, Clay Aiken does a fantastic job singing duets, do you remember the duet with Cherie( I think that was her name ).

  11. What a lovely place this is. And…I really enjoy all the duets. It really brings back memories.

    Thank you for the fun!!

  12. I love each Clay Aiken duet. How in the world can one choose? OK, I think my favorite is Listen with Quiana.

  13. I will go with the majority and say I can't pick a favorite either. All the duets where great.

  14. They are all great. So very hard to pick a favorite. But…..I think I will pick Crying with Casey. There is just something about the two of them together. They seem to just fit together. But, I still love all the other duets also.

  15. Clay and Quiana always have fun singing together and do a great job. Hannah and Clay with the Prayer brings back memories of Spamalot. Casey and Linda did a fantastic job on Crying…one of my new favorites by Clay. The dynamic duo…Angela and Clay. I saw Elton John on several TV programs a few weeks ago and I could swear that Angela Fisher was one of the 4 backup singers. Does anyone know if this is so?

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