Clay Aiken – Never A Dull Moment!

There is never a dull moment if you are a fan of Clay Aiken!!

I was busy Wednesday night.  I was at KQED, the San Francisco PBS station, answering the phone and taking pledges.  It was a wonderful evening, full of hope, excitement and friendship.  I didn’t get home until after 10:00pm.  Seems I missed a lot in the ClayNation.

Like many of you, I don’t know what to say…. so I will just quote a few people who said it right!

“Just Keep Singing Clay.   I am not ready to have that stop yet.”

“There is one thing that is absolutely certain…we are fans of an amazing, talented, and kind young man.”

“I will always love and support Clay.  He deserves so much!

“ It is obvious that Clay’s fans love him and wish only the best for him!”

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Never A Dull Moment!

  1. Love your blog musicfan. I have no idea how to say it just like you and I fully agree with the people you quoted. I too will aways love and support Clay. Always be a fan no matter what and I truly don't want him to stop singing. I just want him to keep singing forever. Love Clay dearly.


  2. Yes, we sure do love him! Am totaly excited about his TnT tour. Will be seeing him in Charlotte and am looking forward to one heck of a show as only Clay Aiken can deliver!! Bring it on, Clay, we're ready for ya!!!

  3. MusicFan123 — hope your evening taking pledges at KQED was a successful one. It appears that the fandom had an evening of misunderstanding and subsequently misinformation, with a variety of good and not so good conclusions. Hopefully things will calm down soon.
    I'm certain that Clay always tries the best he knows how to and that's all we can ask for. Some things are just out of one's control.
    Thanks for the great looking Clay photos and the Aikenly Funny you tube video. They definitely had me smiling again.

  4. Thanks for posting those quotes.
    I could have written any one of them myself.
    Looking forward to a great concert in Waterbury, CT on February 20th!!

  5. Great blog! I loved the quotes, pictures and the funny video. I can't wait for Clay Aiken's TnT tour to start. He is a great entertainer with a voice that grabs me from the first note to the last and leaves me wanting more!

  6. dear musicfan,
    life is not only nice & sweet, mistake & confusion is part of life as well. Those what made us human.
    agree with hopefulee…it will pass. Life is just like that, lets enjoy what we still can enjoy .. smileeeee… 🙂

  7. Thanks for the blog and the quotes!
    Everyone needs to watch that video for the 100th time.
    It does wonders for you! 😀 xD

  8. Bring that tour on out to Texas.! So looking forward to seeing you when you come to Grand Prairie.
    You don't need any special affects, Clay. (Whistles, bells, special lighting) You are the special effects!

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