Clay Aiken – Or Is It Robin?

Where were you on January 18, 2008?  If you were lucky, you were one of the fans who attended Spamalot at the Shubert Theater to see Clay Aiken in his opening show.  Playing multiple rolls in the Monty Python spoof of Camelot, Clay acted, sang and danced……”all at the same time.”  The crowds loved him, the producer loved him and the critics loved him too.    I am sure that Clay will return to Broadway someday and I hope we can all see him in whatever roll he performs.

Hosaa has put together a wonderful Spamalot montage.  She shows the special relationship between Clay Aiken and his fans.  Its a must-see.

Two days before Clay opened in Spamalot, he visited with ET and he gave a cute interview about his preparation for the show.

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Or Is It Robin?

  1. OMG,,it was so wonderful seeing Clay again like this,,brings back the memories of the great times I had at Spamalot,,What a joy it was to be with my friends and seeing Clay too,,,,,thanks ,Clay ,,for some of the most wonderful nights of my life,,,

  2. Amazingly, I had never seen the 2nd video. Loved watching both as those were great memories and so much fun seeing Clay Aiken on Broadway.

  3. What fun memories!!

    Thanks for the videos!! I especially love the 2nd one. Clay was like a little kid, running around!!

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the Spamalot videos. Clay and his fandom were so happy during his time on Broadway. Today, which is three years from his Spamalot opening, fans named him their favorite AI -Vet-Turned Broadway Star.

  5. What fun to relieve a small part of Clay's Broadway run. Thanks for the memories. I agree with Anna, I could listen all day to Clay talking.

  6. Oh, thank you for these video's of Clay's days at Spamalot. Those were some good times..even though I never got to go to the show…I never missed a single cell cert or watching any of the Back Door autograph sessions with Clay. Loved the 2nd video because Clay was just adorable..running around like a little excited boy. Clay did a wonderful job in Spamalot..and I could see him going back to Broadway in a few years maybe. But, right now I want to hear him sing.

  7. I loved Clay Aiken in Spamalot… I would go New York in a heart beat if he starred in another Broadway show.

  8. I was not present for Clay's Broadway debut, but I'll do everything I can to be there for his next openning night.

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