Clay Aiken – Remember When?

American Idol……..good….bad……..don’t care?? Whatever you think, we do know that American Idol introduced Clay Aiken to the world. Every year, we are reminded of that by the many articles, polls and arguments that pop up all over the internet.

These reminders made me look in my American Idol picture file. Sometimes it is interesting to go back and remember the weeks of fun. I don’t know how any of the contestants make it through the tension, emotion, and politics each week.  Perhaps it was the love and affection of the fans. Do you remember?


There are two things we can see from these pictures!

1.  We take better pictures now than in 2003!

2.  Clay really didn’t want to be eliminated!!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Remember When?

  1. Poor Clay, he did look nervous in some of the pictures. He joked in the USAToday article that he couldn't watch AI now because he'd get invested in a contestant and then his palms would get all sweaty and he'd get nervous every Thursday elimination. I'm sure it was pretty scary every week at elimination. But I love how Clay would look at the camera and mouth "Thank you" to the audience/voters when he was safe. 🙂

  2. Love seeing these pictures. Clay looked almost sick in a few of them. AND…..he really looks so young!!

    Love this place. Thanks for all the great ideas you come up with!!

  3. So young and so much ahead of him!
    He has been through a lot, but is definitely "Tried and True".
    His looks have changed, but that voice is still pure Clay!!
    There will never be that kind of magic again on AI.

  4. What a cutie he was…but, now he is so much more mature and sexy. But, I loved watching him when Ryan was saying who would go home. He was very nervous..and he never did go home. Thank goodness!

  5. I never understood why Clay (and a lot of others) didn’t like the red leather jacket. He looked HOT in it, especially when he did the “hip shake”.

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