Clay Aiken – Cleveland – What An Exciting Show!!

Trying to keep up with Clay Aiken “Clack”  this week-end is a full-time job, but so much fun.  Here are some videos that are wonderful!  Thank you to Cleveland fans!!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Cleveland – What An Exciting Show!!

  1. We're sure getting some great videos from this tour. Thanks for making it easy for us to watch them.

  2. Cleveland was really a great show. I didn't attend but when you are on the Cellcerts…it is like you attended. When they were trying to find the right genre for WSN….it was hillarious. Clay could not stop laughing at Quiana when she was doing the India number. I thought Clay's Opera voice was just great. Wish I could have heard more of that.

    When Clay sang BSN I think he got a little emotional in one part. Brought a tear to my eye. He sings that song so beautiful…you find you are just mesmerized by it. It is very exciting with all the concerts almost every night. Love it!!

  3. Thank you for posting all the great videos. We sure do have some talented fans! I'm loving the videos of the concerts. Quiana and Clay really complement each other. You can feel the affection between them.

  4. It is so wonderful to relive the concert in Cleveland thru the videos. When you are actually there, you are so caught up in the excitement, you can hardly take it all in. Clay's voice is so amazing and his banter so funny, what a fantastic night! All that and a beautiful full moon to drive home in while listening to the T&T CD in the car. Life doesn't get any better than that!

  5. Musicfan – Thank you for these videos!! I just watch them all…they are amazing done, the sound is great, loved hearing all the songs. Quiana's AFDILT was my first time that I heard the whole song.
    She is an amazing singer…no wonder Clay has her for all these years.

    And thanks to all the the fans for these wonderful videos.

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