Clay Aiken – Next Stop, The Opera House!

On Saturday night, the city of Cleveland  was lucky enough to have Clay Aiken in town.  Clay made the 8th stop of his Tried & True Tour on Saturday and from all reports it was an exciting evening.  I mean…….Clay sang “OPERA” … ya gotta love that!!

The photos came in quickly after the  concert so I will post some.  As more “Clack” is made available, I will update the site.


Pittsburgh Polka?

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  1. Lol! I am loving this so much! Look at those pictures and you can see Clay is having such a good time on this tour. It sounds the fans are loving it too. Counting down…EEE!! 🙂

  2. Thanks again for bringing the videos and pictures to CANN! Clay is just amazing on this tour. His voice has never been better and he is verra verra funny!

  3. So good to see Clay having such a good time this tour! My concerts are coming up, and Im looking forward to them. I just wish I was going to more than 3.

  4. Maybe next Cluben tour Clay and Ruben can do an opera duet. Ha! Ha! 😀 It's so much fun hearing Clay and company doing so many different genres.

  5. Thanks for the amazing pictures and video! We sure are getting some fantastic clack on this Clay Aiken tour! I'm loving it!

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