Clay Aiken – It Just Keeps Getting Better!

The Tried and True Tour made a stop in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday night.  According to all accounts, Clay Aiken “rocked the house.”

According to reports from members of the audience, the crowd was amazing.  The diverse group of fans responded positively to each song and they were noisy in their appreciation of all the talent.

A highlight of the concert was Who’s Sorry Now. Clay and the entire group of musicians seemed to enjoy taking the “slowest song in the world” and singing it in different styles.  Friday night, the audience asked for Polka….Clay seemed to try, but Quiana said NO. Next, someone in the audience asked for Doo Wap and mambo.  Do you think we might get some “Clack” of this?

The biggest surprise of the evening was the addition of the Joni Mitchell song, Both Sides Now to the play list.  This touching song was amazing and a crowd favorite.  Clay first performed Both Side Now at the National Inclusion Project Gala last October.  The song fits his voice perfectly.  Clay commented that since he had 5 concerts in a row, he sang BSN instead of his hit, Solitaire, which is more difficult to sing.  He wants to make sure he has a full voice for each concert.

It is always fun to see what some of Clay’s fans have to say about the concert.  These comments came from many different Clay boards, but probably reveal what most of the fans were thinking.

  • Isn’t he the most beautiful man ever?  God, I love him!!
  • I love the glory notes as much as anyone, but the tenderness and nuances in his voice during BSN and IML are equally outstanding!
  • Clay, in all if our lives, we love you more!
  • When he hit the glory note on UM, it made the hair on my arms and neck stand up…and he took my breath away
  • I have a feeling this concert is producing some of the best clack we have ever been blessed with.
  • Gorgeous piano accompaniment for this song (Moonriver)
  • I could watch and listen to him all day.
  • I’m lost in a world of beauty and music and joy, and I don’t want to be rescued.
  • He is gifted, very gifted.  He becomes one with the song!

Did you attend the concert last night, or did you hear it through the cellcert?  If so, do you have a comment to add?

The following pictures were posted by the wonderful photographers at the concerts.  They are amazing.  I will be sure and post more pictures and videos as they become available.  Please check back for more “Clay Treats.”




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2 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It Just Keeps Getting Better!

  1. Tonight Clay will be in Cleveland..and so will I! Can't wait to see/hear our guy once again. I don't know how to do "clack", but enjoy the postings of those who can. Keep up the good work.

  2. I'm excited. I love Both Sides Now. That's been the most fun so far for me is trying to think of what Clay will sing when I get to see him. I can't wait!!!!

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