Clay Aiken – Waiting!

I wish I had a lot of information to give to you right now.  It is almost midnight and so far, there is no “Clack” available from the Thursday night concert from Clay Aiken.

Combine that news with a broken computer and you can imagine my frustration.  My computer had been in the shop for help for 24 hours.  The tech called at noon Thursday to let me know it was fixed ( Only $180.00)

Well, as I was getting ready to post, the computer froze again………obviously not fixed.  Thank goodness for my laptop, but the saved article is on the other computer.  So…………right now you will have to be satisfied with some Tried & True pictures.  Ah…..really……there is nothing better than pictures so maybe this is a good thing!!

Please have some patience.  I will post the new clack as soon as I can.  And, hopefully the tech will figure out what is going on with my PC.



I will be back later.  Please stop by and hopefully everything will be updated as soon as possible.

PS……anybody have a good recommendation for a new PC??

Computer back!!    Cross your fingers that


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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Waiting!

  1. Thanks for the pics of Clay.

    It's so frustrating when your computer is not working or even working right…. I wish I could give advise, but I really cannot. Seems to me more and more people are going the "Apple" route…???? I believe that they are good for media, but a lot more expensive. Everyone I have talked to that has one, loves it…????? Don't worry…we'll be here for you Musicfan.

  2. Love the Clack. I have yet to see a bad picture of Clay…..ever. Hope your computer is up and running soo.

  3. Love the WSN clips. Hope more Clack is forthcoming!! No endorsement but I've really had no problems with my HP desktop and laptop.

  4. I hope your computer is fixed soon without any more charges! I love the pictures you posted. Clay is so photogenic.

  5. Doesn't your computer know you have important work to do here. Hope it's working real soon. The photos are great.

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