Clay Aiken – Orlando Clack!

Since there are so much “Clack” this morning, I am adding another post.  What would we all do without the great fans who provide us with such wonderful pictures and videos!

A BIG Thank You to each one!

Don’t forget – if you click on the picture it will become enlarged!

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Orlando Clack!

  1. Love that R&R version of Who's Sorry Now. Clay certainly knows how to "change it up". He's a real pistol and a very talented man!!!
    So, now I finally know what is meant by the term auto-tuned. Thanks to Clay for the Bad Romance demonstration but I definitely prefer his own beautiful voice.
    Looking forward to more "clack" from the TNT Live Tour. It's been great so far!

  2. Wonderful pix! Enjoyed the version of Bad Romance with autotune. One thing to note is that microphones can now autotune at live concerts. There are a few singers out there who need it, Clay is not one of them! I think Clay mentioned the night before that Lady GaGa was one of the few who could really sing.

  3. Musicfan,

    The Clay Nation is blessed with an amazing artist in Clay Aiken, as well as faithful, talented photographers and videographers who share his performances through the audio and visual clack they record. Thank you for posting these wonderful examples from the Orlando Tried & True Concert in your blog.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. I was there and loved it…He is awesome , I really think he has the best voice overall of any other singer……he can sing anything……wonderful.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures and videos. I was there as well and am still so in awe of his voice. Who's Sorry Now was so funny and I had goosebumps from head to toe when he sang Solitaire. LOVE him!!!!

  6. I was at the Orlando Show…and, I myself, think all three of the Florida Shows were the best. I had the time of my life..and when he rocked out Who's Sorry Now the whole place went wild. Also loved the Lady GaGa song. Another favorite is the jazzed up version of Invisible. You could hear the screams in the room when he did the shirt tug. Can.not.wait for the cellcert of the Valentine Show tonight at Jones Hall. Wish I could be there!

  7. This man is the most amazing entertainer! Aside from his magnificent voice he is so funny and so incredibly relaxed with his audience. He is just the whole package. 🙂

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