Clay Aiken – The Best Yet!

On Saturday night, Clay Aiken performed the 3rd concert of his Tried & True Tour. Held at the Van Wezel PA Hall in Sarasota, Florida,  the concert was reported as the best yet!  Clay has Sunday off  but will be performing a much anticipated Valentine’s Day Concert on Monday night in Houston, Texas.

Out Smart is a GLBT magazine in Houston, Texas.  On Saturday, the magazine  posted an excellent article on Clay and his Valentine’s Day concert in Houston.  The author, David Goldberg, wrote about Clay, his tour and even a bit about the responsibilities of fatherhood.  Goldberg concludes his article, saying:

The star is thankful for his fans that have supported him since the beginning, and to his new fans that are just discovering him. He believes that his Houston fans will be happy that they chose to see him on Valentine’s Day. “It’s the Valentine’s Day show for everyone, for all couples, of all stripes and varieties,” he says. “Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come and show their love of the person that they are with, regardless of who they are and who they are with. I hope to see everyone there.”

Please stop by the site and read the entire article….and please leave a short comment.  It is the best way we can thank Mr. Goldberg and the publication for writing positive information about Clay.  If they know we are reading, they are apt to write more about Clay.  You can visit the site at OUTSMART.

The following are the first pictures from Day Three – Sarasota!

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Best Yet!

  1. I am so glad to hear it's the best yet. It's seems like Clay is having a lot of fun. It's contagious 🙂

  2. I'm so excited that I'll be at Clay's concerts in NC and SC. After reading about, seeing and hearing clack of the T&T concert – I'd be sooo bummed if I hadn't planned on attending. It sounds awesome!

  3. I think all three of the Florida Concerts were the Best Yet! Clay loves all his fans. I went to the Orlando Show and loved it. I wish I could go to even more shows. Hope everyone enjoys their show.

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