Clay Aiken Practices His Yodel and Learns About Mummers

Clay Aiken made a stop in Glenside, PA on Sunday night.  The concert, held at the Keswick Theatre,  was the 14th stop of Clay’s  Tried and True Concert.  Fans who were attendance reported that the concert was beautiful and filled with both wonderful music and lots of laughter.

The following are a few comments from some of the fans,

1.  In My Life was simply beautiful tonight.

2. This evening was just splendid. Clay is a superstar.

3. Shout out to Jerome, the 22 ft. body guard… for all you do.

4. Clay does spoil us by allowing so much clack. Truthfully, the clack just makes me want to see him more!

A huge thank you to the wonderful photographers who watch the shows through their cameras….then stay up late so the rest of us can see the beautiful pictures and videos.  You are amazing ladies.

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken Practices His Yodel and Learns About Mummers

  1. Great pictures and videos Musicfan…thanks for posting them. I was here earlier this morning, and then forgot to comment… my bad. I am loving all the clack we are getting… Clay is definately getting better and better at each performance… He truly was meant to be on stage…I love how he just wings it…The song list is always set (but they do mix it up) but it's his humour and the fun he has on stage that captures you…..Thanks again for the report…

  2. Thanks CANN for the great photos and vids from last night. Clay just gets better and better. He's not too bad at Scat.

  3. Thanks a bunch for always keeping us up to date on the latest with Clay, the pictures and videos are always very much appreciated. I have seen several of these concerts in the past week, and enjoyed every one of them.

  4. I had two extra tickets to last nights show and I gave them to a women I work with. The important thing to remember is she had no idea who he was, except for the fact that my office is plastered with his pictures. She was excited to go though & her husband. I saw her today and she was "still under the Clay glow"! She thought he was adorable, sexy and talented! She said she now understands why I love him so much. Her husband loved the show too! I loved the fact that she went with no preconceived opinion formed, just went with an open mind and LOVED HIM! I mentioned his voice was a little hoarse and he had a few cracks in his voice, she didn't even notice them! She loved ever song and every moment of the concert. She said how romantic and beautiful each song was. Anyway, for the first time in 8 years I finally got someone I work to go see him and she was thrilled! The good thing is that she told everyone she saw that he was "wonderful". If people can see him and not prejudge him..they will see the "magic" in his talent!

  5. musicfan dear…. 🙂
    my my my my…. I looooooveeee your blog sooo much…. You really understand the need of us who love Clay, ..
    Especilally like me in Indonesia… who doesn't know when I willl see him in person since I found out from one board that in one M&G, someone asked him whether he will come to Indonesia & Australia for concert, he said he would love too but it depends on how much his CD will sell… __How can his cd sell well if there is no support at all rather than a banner in front of some cd store saying his new CD T&T has been available in Indonesia & you can get it in this store ….and that banner only last for 2 months :(__So for the time being … I have to depend on you, some other blogs, some boards, some friends in fandom (clack godess & godesses) who entertain us by providing wonderfull pictures & clacks…__Could not thank you more to all of you.

    • puteri……thank you for such kind words. I hope that sometime soon you will be able to see Clay in concert…….LIVE!!

      I think we all hope Clay gets more support and promotion…I would love to see him visit Indonesia!!

      • Musicfan,

        Thank u for ur support. I really hope clay will come to this part of the world for live concert. I really wish it happens. Thank u

  6. Where did the other singer go that was with Clay for so many years, not Casey the other one? If anyone knows post it, thank you..

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