Clay Aiken – Four Long Days!!

The Tried and True Tour has been over for four long days.  Clay Aiken is no longer seen every night, singing and entertaining in cities throughout the United States.   I had to laugh at the title of Tuesday’s Blog……How could I say “Tour Over – Life Goes On!!”  Well, in reality, I still am enjoying the clack and reliving some of the highlights of the tour.

One of my friends, Magicalmusic, posted some of her favorite pictures.  I “stole” them from her.  I hope you enjoy them too!!


What Do You Think?

Do you have a favorite?

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Four Long Days!!

  1. These pictures are so wonderfulI it's too hard to pick a favorite. I will say that number 7 is pretty sigh worthy. 🙂

  2. Wow…these are really clear pictures….A professional photographer couldn't have captured Clay any better.. The ladies that take these pictures are fantastic. Thanks for sharing these with us.
    I do like #6…but I really, really like them all……

  3. Clay takes such good photos! I love the color of the sweater in picture one, but he looks gorgeous in all of them. I am so glad we have such good photographers in the fandom.

  4. It's such a difficult choice, but I think the 2nd photo has a slight lead over the others. The expression on Clay's face draws me in.

  5. Such a wonderful selection of fabulous Clay photos! Number 7 is my favorite. It might have been taken while Clay was having a conversation with Scarlett. The look on his face is gentle and loving, while the slight smile shows him enjoying the moment. It's a very handsome and enduring photo of Clay.

  6. The pictures are all beautiful…but, I would have to say that my favorite is #4..because it is just thudworthy. But, my 2nd would be #7 because he has a look of love on his face. My 3rd would be #10 because I can tell that they are singing the Disney song…and I just love how they sing that.

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