Clay Aiken – Tour Over – Life Goes On!

KTVU2 is the Fox TV channel in the San Francisco Bay area.  On March 9th, the station published a short article about the Tried & True Tour, starring Clay Aiken.

It was nice to read this positive article about Clay and the tour.  Even though the tour is over, if you haven’t yet read the article, you should.  You can read it at KTVU2

“Dancing Like The Stars” is an annual event sponsored by The National Inclusion Project. This year they are partnering with the Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Raleigh. The event will take place on Sunday, April 10, 2010, at 1:00pm.  It will be a part of the Southern Women’s Show.

Local celebrities from the triangle area have partnered with a professional dancer and will provide a great deal of entertainment to those who attend the show.  The partners have been busy for weeks, practicing their dance moves and working to get as many votes as possible. The following Raleigh celebrities are participating in this fun event.

  • When not on duty at the firehouse, Joseph Callender is an actor, model, and stand-Up comedian.
  • Barbara Gibbs joined ABC 11 Eyewitness News in 2001. She co-anchors the morning and noon newscasts.
  • Donna Gregory serves as the Community Relations Manager for North Carolina Theater.
  • Honored with two Associated Press Awards for Best Weathercast, Don Schwenneker is a meteorologist for ABC 11 Eyewitness News in the morning.
  • Sharon Tazewell is on TV every morning bright and early, anchoring the NBC-17 Today newscasts.

Go to the National Inclusion Project website to read about your favorite celebrities and then click on the dancers link to see their practice video.  Once you have studied the competition, click the link at the bottom to make a donation and vote for your favorite!

Arthur Murray of Raleigh is even offering a special dance package to each celebrity’s biggest donor.  So….you can support The National Inclusion Project and learn to dance too!!

If you’re interested in donating money or time to the relief efforts in Japan following this week’s devastating earthquake and tsunamis, here’s a list of just a few of the organizations with programs dedicated to the cause:

The tour is over – the memories are forever!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Tour Over – Life Goes On!

  1. Thanks Musicfan for those beautiful pictures. There sure have been really good ones this tour. Loved the article as well. Enjoyed reading about "Dancing Like The Stars". I remember when Faye danced..she was really good.

    Yes, with all this positive information, it's so sad to look at the devestation in Japan. My heart just goes out to everyone there. Such a tragedy… Prayers are needed as well as donations…..

  2. Thank you Musicfan for this informative blog. I love all the pictures. I remember when Clay did the Pole Dance to the WSN Genre. Loved it! I still remember Faye on Dancing Like The Stars. She was really very good. If I remember correctly she won too.

    So sad about everything going on in Japan. I hope that some of the donations will be going there soon to help out with food, shelter and so on. My prayers are with them.

  3. Thank you for a great blog with wonderful pictures. It is so sad to see the destruction in Japan. Our prayers are with them.

    Looking forward to seeing what Clay doing next. I really enjoyed the TNT tour.

  4. Thanks Musicfan, i've been reading your articles EVERY DAY and enjoying them all.

    I just have to say… Clay really knows how to WORK that shirt tug. He really did it justice in the last tour in SF. OMG.

    Other than that I have nothing intelligent to say unfortunately. I'm still in lala concert land.

  5. Thank you for all the information. I visit this site every day and appreciate all the accurate information.

    I had missed the article so I was glad to get the link…and, of course, I love the pictures!!

  6. Love the pictures!
    This was my favorite tour and I appreciate being able to come here and see pictures and video from the tour.
    Missing him already, but figure he deserves a rest and some time with his loved ones.

  7. I already miss him. Don't be gone long, Clay. It was such fun during the tnt tour.
    I am so sad for the Japanese people, yet they are so proud and brave. I see them on tv and it breaks my heart. The culture really does revere their elderly. Very nice.

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