Clay Aiken – Oh, The Photos!

Clay Aiken and his Tried & True Tour made a stop in Minneapolis on Saturday night.  It was another wonderful concert filled with great music and lots of fun.  Each show has its own personality and when the tour is over, fans will be able to remember each stop for its own fun.  It is great that Clay, Quiana  and the band add a special touch each night.

Another wonderful memory we will have from this tour is all the amazing photos posted by fans.  Here are a few that were posted after the concert last night.

A big thank you to the photographers who take the time to share with the rest of us.  We really appreciate what you do!

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10 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Oh, The Photos!

  1. From all reports, the Minneapolis concert was much fun for all and Clay and company were spot on!! Beautiful pictures from farouche. Clay is looking very slim and handsome.

  2. There have been some of the best photos and videos of Clay from this tour that have ever been.
    Thank you for posting some of them here.

  3. Yes a big thanks to all those that gather clack and take such beautiful pictures. This has really been a fantastic tour. Clay at his absolute best.. Clay's voice reminds me of that picture they use to use for "Memorex". Remember the guy sitting on the chair with the sound going through him, his hair blowing and hanging onto the chair. That is what it is like when Clay hits those notes…You just hang on….the voice goes through you…AMAZING. I am loving this Tour…

  4. I am loving all these great photo's of Clay. That last one…to die for. Now, all I need is some video's from last nights show.

  5. These pictures are wonderful. I'm so enjoying all the photos and clack of this tour. He looks and sounds the best ever. I enjoyed the Charlotte concert and your right Judy his voice just goes through you and lifts you up.

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