Clay Aiken – The Best Tour Stop Yet!

Clay Aiken made a stop in Waukegan, Illinois Friday, March 4th.  His successful Tried & True Tour put on what many call, “the best tour stop yet.”

The following are fan remarks about the concert.

* Clay’s voice was perfection and he was very funny.

* Overheard several men giving their take on the show…awesome is what one guy kept saying over and over.

* One thing that really struck me tonight when I first saw him was how thin he is!

These videos are so great.  I hope you  have a chance to see them over and over!!

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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – The Best Tour Stop Yet!

  1. Thanks for the videos Musicfan…They were fun to watch… I had heard as well that last nights concert was great…and Clay never sounded better…. But then again..he always sounds good to me…but they did have Thursday night off to rest.

  2. Oh those are fantastic videos and have me so psyched up. My head may explode from excitement before Tuesday when I finally get to see Clay in concert! 🙂

  3. I wish we could package all of the Who's Sorry Now videos on one CD and watch them forever. The burlesque challenge was the best ever!

  4. Clay, Quiana and the band are all so very talented. These videos prove just how talented they are. I listened to the entire concert and I have to agree that Clay's voice was perfection last night.

  5. Thanks so much for posting the videos. Everyday, the first thing I want to see are the clips from the last nights show and the styles of music he used for "Who's Sorry Now" Clay is a natural comedian and of course a fantastic singer. Quiana and Clay play off one another so well. I can't wait to see what the rest of the tour holds.

  6. thanks for the videos Musicfan…I posted a comment this morning, but it didn't show I'm doing it again…. This has been such a great tour…not only the humour, but Clay's singing has just been wonderful….

  7. I have TnT PBS dvd, but I don’t mind buying his TnT dvd live concert …. offcourse has to include all his banters…if available. Including his old tour like timeless tour, jukebox etc Eventhough I downloaded clacks, It’s just different.

    Can we appeal to TC or live nation ?

  8. Thanks for a great blog entry! Every time I see Clay in concert, he continues to amaze and thrill me with his talent and heart. His singing at Waukegan was glorious perfection!

  9. I just love their WSN Genre songs. Clay outdid himself on the Pole dancing…and I loved the New Age one. I thought it was very relaxing. They are just so funny together.

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