Clay Aiken- Drop Dead Diva

Breaking News!!


According to TV SQUAD

Clay Aiken will be a guest on

Drop Dead Diva

Former *NSYNC member Lance Bass, ‘American Idol’ alum Clay Aiken and ‘Married … With Children”s Amanda Bearse are in for the proceedings for the show’s fifth episode of the season (season 3 premieres June 2011 on Lifetime).

Bass plays a casting director who approaches Fred (Ben Feldman) to be in an energy-drink commercial; Aiken is a witness in one of Grayson’s (Jackson Hurst) cases about a mail-order bride scam; and Bearse will be playing a judge. They join previously announced guest star Wanda Sykes, who’ll be playing the judge for the episode’s biggest case, and McMillen herself, who has a cameo as Sykes’ bailiff.

When there is more details, we will post them here!!

Visit TVSQUAD to see the information.

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21 thoughts on “Clay Aiken- Drop Dead Diva

  1. How fun! Drop Dead Diva is a great little show and Clay will be a great addition to the cast. Looking forward to this one!!!

  2. This is great news…Anytime we can see Clay on TV…I'm thrilled…I know he will be great… You Go Clay!!!!!!!! Can't wait….. Thanks for bringing over the news Musicfan.

  3. Glad to see Clay A. on the show I dont think there is much Clay cant handle. I will absolutly NOT mis it

  4. I'll be watching this, this is going to be great, seeing Clay on TV. What a great find and thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. I am so glad that Clay is going to be on this show. I can't wait. I know he will do a great job.
    Thanks so much for letting us know about it! Good news!

  6. I've never seen this show, but for sure I'll be watching when Clay is on. I'm sure his role will be brief, but I'm glad for whatever screen time he'll get.

  7. Very excited about Clay being on DDD. I have never seen this show…but, you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be watching it now. Clay will be wonderful…as I know he can handle any role with ease. Can not wait for June or July or whenever this episode is on.

    • I've never seen this show, but it sounds like a fun cast………and with Clay on it, it should be great! Can't wait!

  8. I don't get this channel on my TV, but I will find a friend who does. Can't wait to see Clay again! Thanks for your detective work in always getting all the news about Clay to us.

  9. Yiiiipppiiieee…. DDD definitely in my cable. Oooohhh.. Can not wait to see Clay on my tv… Lovely lovely lovely. Anything about Clay on tv is just fabulous. Tks for the info musicfan. You’re terrific.

    Finally I will get Clay injection. Miss him already (but, why June, why not next week 🙁 not soon enough for me). Hopefully this guest star thingy in DDD becomes permaneny or follewed up by other many more movies.

    ***greetings from Indonesia 🙂

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