Clay Aiken – We Are Lucky!

Sometimes, simplicity provides the best results. 

Clay Aiken fans are so lucky.  Clay allows us to celebrate his concerts over and over. Today, CANN celebrates some of the great Clack from Pittsburgh, PA.

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5 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – We Are Lucky!

  1. All I can say is fantastic! We are indeed very lucky for Clay's wonderful talent and that we can keep reliving the good times. 🙂

  2. Thanks again Musicfan for the pictures and videos…. We really are lucky to be able to watch these concerts over again. My hope one day is for a concert to be taped and sold. Clay is at his absolute best "Live". Not scripted, but just an actual "Live" show….He shines!!

  3. Thanks so much for the videos. I never tire of watching Clay. Each time I watch something I am amazed again of how good a voice he has. As a fan, I am always in awe of watching a video of Clay again and again yet still being so excited to watch them. He is best "live". You can't put into words how good a show he does…just marvelous!

  4. Thank you for the pictures and video's. Clay is so funny…and what other artists would let their fans tape his shows? He knows that we all go to his shows if we possibly can. But, it is so nice to have all the clack..and watch this amazing young man over and over. We certainly are lucky to have Clay in our lives.

  5. we are verry lucky to have clay aiken in our lives hes more amazing every day and clay is amazingley funny

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