Clay Aiken and Quiana Parler – Amazing Vocalists!

If you have ever seen or heard Clay Aiken sing, chances are you have also heard Quiana Parler.  Quiana has been a vocalists with Clay since his Independent Tour in 2004.  Quiana has impressed audiences with her amazing vocals and beautiful smile.  Quiana is not only a wonderful performer, but a close friend of Clay.  They certainly make a great team.

Quiana, from Charleston, SC, began her professional career singing for Calvin Gilmore of the “The Carolina Opry”.  According to East Coast Entertainment, Quiana has shared the stage with a diverse array of national artists ranging from Keith Sweat to Kelly Clarkson. She can be heard on albums by Bianca Ryan, Renee Olstead, and, of course, Clay Aiken.  If you are in Charleston, be sure to hear Quiana and Friends. They are a group of top musicians who perform in the area.

Quiana…your talent is amazing.  Clay fans think of you as part of the family. Knowing you enriches our lives.

Quiana is one of THE most amazing vocalists and performers I know. During the last few years of singing on stage with her every night, I‘ve discovered she really brings out the best in everyone!
-Clay Aiken-

The following video is one of my favorites.  Clay and Quiana really out-did themselves on Listen.

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken and Quiana Parler – Amazing Vocalists!

  1. musicfan, I love that video of Clay and Quiana too. Isn't it amazing that it wasn't rehearsed! I believe Angela was suppose to sing it, and she got ill then left the stage and the two of them just "winged it"!

    Thanks for all you do! I enjoy reading CANN every.single.morning!

  2. Quiana is definitely one of the family. She and Clay are just amazing together. Listen is so beautiful. It should be on the next cd. (not so subtle hint!!!)
    I love all the pictures but the one with Clay peeking behind her back just cracks me up:)

  3. quania and clay aiken are indeed amazing vocialists and the sure do sound amazing together i always said clay aiken is amazing well now so is quania

  4. Wow! Watching that video of "Listen" again was just awesome. They both really get into that one. Yes, they did not have time to rehearse..because Angela was supposed to sing it..and I think she lost her voice…so they had no choice. That is what really makes it so great..because they just winged it. Quiana is definitely a great addition to the show and is part of the family.

  5. Quiana is a talented singer and a great friend of Clay's. I enjoy listening to them when they do duets, I do agree that the "Listen" they did was just incredible. I am glad when Clay tours he has a wonderful singer like Quiana to help him on stage ( the recent tour doing different types of music as an example) and a person that can sing her heart out and entertain while Clay can take a brief break. It is clear from watching them that they are good friends and share lots of laughter together.

  6. musicfan, what a great blog today. I love seeing the pictures of Quiana and Clay as the years have passed. She definitely is family! They both have given such wonderful memories. Quiana has such a wonderful voice and her singing is fantastic. It just would be a complete Clay tour without her.

  7. Great article, great video and two of the greatest singers on this planet (or any other planet for that matter). Thanks!

  8. Loved watching the "Listen" video. I can only imagine how fantasic it must have been to hear it live.

    I hope that Clay Aiken will have a duet with Quiana on his next CD.

  9. Thanks for the video again of Clay and Quiana singing "Listen". It was an amazing performance. I think it is wonderful that they have maintained such a wonderful friendship over the years. Quiana has a wonderful voice, and is the perfect complement for Clay. Both have wonderful voices.

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