Clay Aiken – Where In The World?


Where In The World Is Clay Aiken?

Of course this is all in fun, but……..


You may be out of our sight… but never out of our minds… We Miss You!

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7 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Where In The World?

  1. This is a cute blog. I hope Clay is busy working and hope we hear from him soon. I know we miss him, but soon we will get to see him on TV, etc, so can't wait for that. So hears hoping that we hear from Clay soon and more new about what he is doing next after doing DDD and the Funny or Die thing.Love our Clay. <3


  2. I miss Clay too. He brings me so much happiness and when he disappears from our radar I can't help but get a little blue. Someone please get a message to Clay that we'd really like to hear from him.

  3. I was wondering the same thing today. It's been a few weeks since we have gotten a tweet or any sighting of Clay…Sometimes we hear he is in NYC attending a Broadway show…but there has been absolutely nothing…. I hope Clay is ok…and just busy with life and planning his next moves… You're right Musicfan..Clay may be out of site, but he is never our of our minds.

  4. This is a cute blog. Oh, how I loved that blond hair. Yes, we all miss Clay…but, before you know it we will be seeing him in DDD. Can.not.wait! Clay may be out of sight…but, he is never out of my mind.

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