Clay Aiken -WRAL Interview!

Quick Post!!

Be sure and watch this great interview with

Clay Aiken!

25 minutes of listening to Clay as he catches us up on what he is doing right now!

Thank you, WRAL


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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken -WRAL Interview!

  1. What a great interview. He is home and relaxed and enjoying life. It was nice for a change not having him not interrupted so he could answer each question fully.

  2. This was a wonderful interview – all 25 min. This man named Clay Aiken is such a really good
    man and my respect grows for him more and more everyday. His thoughts, words, ideas, and plans for himself just shows what an ideal person he is and why I will be a lifetime fan and that
    it is such an honor to support him. He has his priorities in the right place. To think how the Media
    often tried to make him look so foolish, makes me cringe!! I guess he showed them!!

  3. This was the best 25 minutes of today! Loved the interview. Clay was so relaxed and honest. Glad he added a bit about Parker at the end. We are all interested in learning about how Clay feels being a dad. Thanks for posting this on CANN.

  4. OMG! I really enjoyed this interview with Clay. He is a good man…and that is why I am a fan. So glad he is taking some time off to be with Parker. He will be 3 years old on August 8. Wow…time sure does fly. I'll bet he does say some funny things…they do at that age. I'll bet he is so much like Clay too. I'll bet Clay is the best daddy there is. Thanks so much for this article and video. I have watched it sooo many times…and I will probably watch it more.

  5. Somebody tell Clay to do this once a month……..we would be so happy then!!

    Loved every word from his mouth Glad Clay can spend some time being a Daddy!!

  6. We would love to see these interviews at least once a month. At least we know he is not leaving the music business , that would be horrible…we love him and most of us don't even know why , but he is like an addition. He sings everything fantastic, he is so sweet, and we see how kind he is, So Clay this can not be bottled up and sold, All the people that love you see it and never want you to leave the business…

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