Becoming…Clay Aiken!

In November of 2004,  People Magazine featured a Photo Special of Clay Aiken on their web-page.   The photo special was titled Becoming…Clay Aiken.

The photos ranged from family pictures of a young Clay to pictures of the events Clay was involved in during 2004.  There were 16 pictures in the special.  Due to space restrictions, I have cut it down to the pictures I think are the most interesting.

Which picture do you think fits the title, Becoming…Clay Aiken, the most?  Which is your favorite picture?

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8 thoughts on “Becoming…Clay Aiken!

  1. The 4th photo best conveys Becoming Clay Aiken because it shows both Clayton and Clay singing. The 2nd photo is my favorite because of Clay's big smile. It was great seeing this People Magazine feature again.

  2. I think the last picture is the best example of "becoming Clay Aiken" but my favorite is him singing when he's 2 and him singing now. Sooo dang cute! 🙂

  3. I think #6 portrays "Becoming Clay Aiken" the most because it shows how well he interacts with his fans from the stage. But, #7 is the picture I like the most…because it shows how he loves all of his family so much…and of course, his late Grandfather.

  4. The last photo is best example of "becoming Clay Aiken." I love the one with him as a toddler singing too.

  5. It's fun to see the pictures from People….I have seen most of them before, but they all show Clay looking handsome and having a good time.

    I miss Clay!

  6. My two fave pics are #3 & 4! # 3 shows Clay in the studio recording "Merry Christmas, With Love"! Clay was BORN to sing Christmas Music!!! # 4 perfectly depicts the evolution of Clay from a cute little kid, to a "Born To Be" Pro music artist!!!

  7. It's really nice seeing this again. I really can't pick…It seems that all the sums of the pictures add up to the Clay of today. It's been quite a journey. I miss him a lot.

  8. Photo #3 shows Clay in the studio singing his heart out for his Merry Christmas CD. Love to see him working like that. #6 shows Clay taking in the love from his fans and he returning it back to them. What a shock it must have been for Clay after AI to find how much love was waiting for him!

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