Clay Aiken – Stepping Out of The Spotlight

A silhouette is the view of an object or scene consisting of only the outline and a featureless interior, with the silhouetted object usually being black.

In photography, it means that the object is backlit and appears dark against a lighter background. This happens especially around sunset, when the sun is going behind the mountains or other objects, and those objects become backlit…or, in the case of Clay Aiken, it happens on stage when Clay steps out of the spotlight!

Each one of these photos is a real gem.  The photographer was able to catch a moment on stage that, even as a silhouette, tells a story.  A big thank – you to all the “Clack-gatherers” who share their talent with the entire ClayNation.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a photogenic person as the subject!

Which one of these pictures is your favorite?  Can you remember when these pictures were taken? (I can’t).







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  1. Spot-light – No Spot-light – Just one handsome man! It doesn't matter how you look at him. He
    shines like the Star that he is. He does have one of the best profiles. We all know he has gorgeous
    eyes, but I tend to think he has a perfect nose!!!
    I love every one of the silhouettes but don't have a clue about where or when they were photographed. Just #6, as it is marked – not far from where I grew up!!

  2. I love these pictures. Clay has such a gorgeous profile. Number one is my favorite as you can even see his beautiful lashes. 🙂

  3. I LOVE number 1… those lashes 🙂 Soooo beautiful! I also think number 5 is a close second. Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. I'm liking silhouette #5. Love the pensive thoughtful look along with Clay's perfect nose and beautiful lips. The slight wisp of hair falling toward his forehead completes his interesting and distinctive profile.
    RE: his perfect nose. It was the one thing that convinced me during AI 2 that Clay could be/and eventually would be a handsome man. It certainly is true now.

  5. Thanks for giving us a dose of Clay each day. Old news, breaking news, photos or youtube memories. I have no idea where these photos were taken…I may have even been in the audience! Just love looking at Clay, long lashes, perfect nose, luscious lips, beautiful voice, inspiring man.

  6. I love all his silhouette pictures…especially #1 because you can even see his long eyelashes. Also, I know where #4 is from…The Jukebox tour and #6 is from The Christmas In The Heartland Tour. I can even see his glasses. All of Clay's pictures are perfect…after all…he is the perfect measure of a man.

  7. Clay's face was made to be the perfect "Silhouette"!!! #1 is my favorite, but all the silhouettes are wonderful! Like everything else about him, he is"One of a kind"!!!! No one can match his voice, or his charisma!!!! One need only hear him sing, & his voice is indelibly etched on your mind! You will recognize his voice, no matter where you hear it! Your life will be forever changed & transformed!!! His voice touches your soul, & you will never be the same again!!

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