Clay Aiken – Is It true?

As always, believe nothing until you read it here.

~ Clay Aiken on 1/25/10 at the OFC.

The above quote is part of the CANN belief.  We try very hard to stick to the facts and have more than one source before we post news.  This is the reason we did not report on the up-coming appearance of Clay Aiken on the TV show, The Talk.

But…on Thursday, we got our confirmation.  I received a call from The Talk to let me know that I had two tickets for the taping of the show on Monday, July 18th.  I finally was able to ask who the guest was on that show and was told it was Clay Aiken.  Trying to be calm, I said something silly like… “Cool.”

Combine these great tickets with the two tickets I have for the Outfest showing of Drop Dead Diva and I have a great weekend in my future.  Cameras are not allowed at either appearance, but, hopefully, I can take copious notes!!

I have never seen The Talk.  I thought I had better find out more about the show.

The Talk premiered on October 18, 2010 on CBS.  Created by actress Sara Gilbert, the show features Julie Chen as the moderator. The other members of the panel are Leah Remimi, Holly Robinson Peete, Sara Gilbert,  and Sharon Osbourne.

The hook of the show, it seems, is that these women are all moms. It’s a mom’s perspective!  The show also contains celebrity interviews and segments for mothers and parents.

The show is now in its second season.

Do any of you watch The Talk?  Do you feel that Clay will be comfortable on the show?  Will the ladies get some interesting news from Clay?

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28 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Is It true?

  1. Thank you for info Music fan. I can not wait someone to put on you-tube so I can watch here in Japan. I also hope he perform one song there.

  2. Thanks for the info on the talk, looking forward to the show, with Clay on, there will not be a dull moment. I hope they cover a WIDE range of topics! Parenting, lgbt, special ed, national inclusion project, music, food…. Will there be enough time!

    I don’t watch the talk, 2pm is not exactly the best time, but if Clay is on, I’ll try my very best to catch it LIVE! Will Clay be comfortable on the show? ABSOLUTELY, he’s great with the ladies and excellent on interviews/discussions. Looking forward to some fresh insights.

  3. Musicfan, you do have a great weekend in store for you!! Can't wait to read your recap when you get back! I've never watched The Talk, but I will surely be watching on the 18th! Clay will be a fabulous guest … that man loves to talk. And, maybe those women can get a little future career news out of him too!

  4. Musicfan…I'm so happy that you'll be able to attend both events… I have not watched "The Talk", but from what I've heard, the ladies let their guests speak, as opposed to talking over them, which is great. Clay is so up to date on current events, that he could bring forth his knowledge on so many subjects.. This should be interesting!!!!

  5. Happy you have tickets for both events, musicfan. We will be expecting to read all about it on CANN afterwards. It will be nice to get a first hand review. You do a great job on this site.

    I've only watched The Talk a few times. I hope they don't hurry through their guest as I saw them do recently with others.

  6. I'm hoping that the moms of "The Talk" will ask Clay at least one or two questions about parenting. And I hope that he will answer those questions. I know he won't talk about his son, but it would be great to hear a bit about parenting from his point of view. And I am really hoping he'll drop a nugget or two about future "endeavours".
    C'mon Clay, give us something to anticipate!

  7. I watch The Talk and love the show! They definatly picked some great people to be apart of the show and I am SO excited to see Clay on it !

  8. How wonderful that you have tickets to "The Talk" and the Outfest. It is nice to see him out and about once again …it has been too long.

  9. As always, love your blogs! Thanks for the info & have fun at both events. Looking forward to your reports !

  10. musicfan123 – Congrats on your acquisition of tickets for both the Outfest panel discussion with the Drop Dead Diva showing on 7/17 and The Talk Show on 7/18. Are you excited or what?
    Have watched DDD and loved it. Also viewed The Talk Show and I'm sure Clay will be quite comfortable with "the Ladies". They appear to be very considerate of their guests. Plus they really won't have to prod Clay to reveal some interesting news. I'm pretty sure Clay will sneak it in if he wants it known. Hope you have an exciting and wonderful time.

  11. I am so glad you were able to get tickets to both events. I sure wish I could be there too.

    I do want to say that I am appreciative of how careful you are to not post rumors. We can always rely on your site to be accurate.

    I wonder why the other site didn't let people know the source was legit. If so, I am sure there would have been many more people that would have called for tickets.

    Again, many thanks for a wonderful site!!

  12. I've seen The Talk before. It's a pretty awkward show. Julie Chen sits there with a holier than thou attitude, Leah Remini does what she does best, speak loud with a thick jersey accent, and poor Sara Gilbert and Holly Robinson just try to be heard. I don't think Clay will stand a chance on the show lol. But it sounds fun and I will definitely be watching.

  13. I can't wait to see Clay on The Talk. They are all very nice, and respectful ladies..and they will love him. He seems to have a way with the women….in case anyone hasn't noticed. Lol! Clay has talked about Parker before on many interviews…and I am sure if he is asked…he will be glad to talk about his family. I am sure they will have many worthwhile subjects to talk about…and we all know how much Clay loves to talk.

  14. Musicfan I'm so happy to hear you are going to both of these events. Looking forward to first hand reports on both of them. Can't wait to see Clay on DDD and "The Talk". I hope they let him talk and ask him good questions and not repeat the same ole stuff. Hope we hear news of what he's going to do next and when, "soon" I hope. 🙂

  15. I don’t watch The Talk at home, but if I’m at the gym in the afternoon, and is on the TV there I will see a part of it. Of course I’ll stay home on the 18th to watch and record CLAY! He should be very comfortable on the couch at The Talk.

  16. Musicfan, I am so happy for you. I wouldn't be so calm if I got the confirmation that Clay will actually be on "The Talk", I would screamed!!!!!!!!!. Can't wait to see Clay on TV. I've been waiting to see his face for a long long time. 🙂

  17. What an exciting time. You would think Clay had been gone for years!! How lucky that you can attend both appearances.

    I want to commend you for not posting the info before we got a conformation from a second source. If the CB knew, why didn't they at least just say they knew it was legit. We didn't need details.

    What you do here is great and you seem to be in touch with the entire Clay Nation.

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into CANN

  18. So happy that you will be seeing Clay. Tell him we miss him!!

    I think the way the info was given to us was not too good. Who in their right mind would believe a random post with no verification. I visited the CB this morning and they seem to wonder why anyone would question them….well…everyone I talked to thought it was a hoax.

    But……..who cares… Clay is going to be on TV!! Life is good!!

  19. I wouldn't fault the CB. All their new posters are thoroughly checked out before becoming members – so no – I did not think it was a hoax. Noticing some confusion, the poster did give info a little later as to what time slot (California time) to check for tickets. Finding that out, people then called and received
    confirming information. And yes, it's all good. Clay IS going to be on TV.

  20. Hey musicfan! I got tickets also for DDD/panel and The Talk!!
    Gosh seeing Clay 2 times in 2 days is going to be GREAT!!
    Hope we get to meet up.

  21. Musicfan – I am very excited and happy for both Clay events that you will be attending!! I will be
    watching and taping "The Talk" and also DDD. I've just started watching DDD when the new season started and find it to be quite amusing. Haven't watched "The Talk" yet but surely will be
    very soon. I think Clay will make out quite well on both shows – he never disappoints!!! 🙂

  22. Looking forward to seeing Clay Aiken on "The Talk". Will have to check it out and watch a few times before he's on.
    Also looking forward to your recap, Musicfan–so glad you can go. You will represent us well!!!

  23. Musicfan – So glad you can go to the show, I hope you get to meet Clay there.

    I can't wait for that day….I guess it's 8 more days till then…hehe.

  24. Congrats on getting tickets to see Clay. I look forward to reading your first hand accounts. I've never seen The Talk. I know Clay will be his usual wonderful self.

  25. I watch "The Talk" quite often! This is a "No Holds Barred" talk show!! The panel will discuss ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!!!! Clay will certainly have to be on guard EVERY MINUTE!!! I hear he is on the show to promote his appearance on DDD! These women will "Eat Him Alive" if he is not prepared!!! I look forward to seeing him, under any circumstances, but not sure this is the right venue for him???? I have my fingers crossed!!

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