Clay Aiken – It’s Fun To Remember

Sometimes it’s just fun to remember…no facts, no reporting…just a moment to remember.

The following is one of the best performances of Unchained Melody ~ Don’t Miss This!

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13 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – It’s Fun To Remember

  1. Our Clay can certainly take wonderful pictures and Oh! my he has turned into a handsome man!
    Not that he wasn't always a cutie – but now he is all grown up and I just love the person he was and
    is. But there is so much more to him than his looks – you can really see his heart and soul when
    he speaks and sings. Especially when he sings "Unchained Melody" – just one of the best!!!

  2. Loving all your great pictures. I especially like #1 at Glenside..he looked gorgeous in that blue sweater, #4 at San Fransisco..doing the Invisible Grab, and #5 at San Fransisco..what a handsome man..what a close-up. I have almost all of the UM Video's and I do think the one from Waukegon was one of his best. I remember the day I went to see TnT in Orlando. Loved his Rock n' Roll song.

  3. Musicfan…thank you for putting up the video of Clay singing Unchained Melody. Just perfection…Clay hits those notes spot on….Amazing… It is a true fact, that you really need to hear Clay in concert…His power is incredible…and he sounds amazing "Live". There are so many artists out there today, that are ok on their recordings, but sound not so good live…Clay is one of those rare ones that just takes your breath away "Live".

  4. Ooh! Those are some mighty fine photos. I love them all. #1 just oozes love, tenderness, and charisma, while in #5 Clay looks magnificent. Don't keep track of the exact moment they may have been taken, but I certainly love them when I see them. Thanks for all the beauties.
    RE: the UM video. Just watched it and am glad I didn't miss it. Clay definitely did not hold back his emotions throughout the song. His voice was phenomenal. .

  5. I saw this live!!! Oh it just brings back those memories to see it again. I'm pretty sure I heard myself scream at the end. I couldn't control how excited I was. Thanks for sharing this, it really makes me happy.

  6. Excuse me – but what happened to the photos I posted and raved about earlier i.e. #1 and #5? They are now missing from the array. I'm sure I was not imagining them. They were taken by Farouche at Glenside and Permaswooned at San Francisco. Seems the Invisible grab one is missing too.
    Glad that the video is still up.

    • So sorry about the pictures………We had a glitch and all the pictures would not show. I was in such a hurry to fix it that I added what I could…I like these pictures, but the others were much better. I will be so glad when we get everything worked out with the new server.

      It took me 3 times to get the pics up and I almost panicked!!

      • Thanks for the quick reply. Relieved to know it wasn't my computer that was out of wack when I was posting my 1st comment. It would only let me type half a line and then suddenly jump to the next line, then return to the original line I was typing. Very strange – had to cut my comment short – maybe that was a good thing!

    • Yes, I was wondering the same thing. One was the invisible grab..and the other one was by Farouche at Glenside. I'm glad to know I wasn't seeing things. LOL!!

  7. I miss him and want new things I can remember in the future. Thankfully Clay will be on TV next week which will temporarily help with my Clay withdrawal.

  8. So many wonderful memories and soon we'll have some new ones. Looking forward to your recap of the panel discussion.
    Clay singing UM is nothing short of perfection.

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