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The oldest continuously running film festival in Los Angeles is the Outfest.  Outfest 2011 is running from Thursday, July 7th through Sunday, July 17.  It will feature 164 films, 67 that are feature-length.  The organization expects an audience of about 40,000 for the Outfest this year.

The festival isn’t just for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender niche audiences, says Outfest Director of Programming Kim Yutani.  The majority of the features, documentaries and shorts, hit political hot buttons and will be interesting to all people who are interested in issues such as gay marriage and anti-gay bias.

For example, Outfest is world-premiering “The Wise Kids,” a coming-of-age story set in South Carolina that only has one gay character. The wacky “Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same” was praised by lesbians, straight women, and gay and straight men alike when it premiered at Sundance in January.

Two short films are getting a lot of pre-screening interest this year.  The first, titled “Thank You For Your Call,” examines the problems of survivors of same-sex partnerships who are not allowed to collect Social Security.  The other short documentary called “Wish Me Away,” tells about the fallout from country singer Chely Wright’s decision to come out.

J.C. Calciano is a past guest speaker at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.  In his role of a producer, Calciano is screening a new romantic comedy called eCupid.  . The film tells the story of Marshall, played by Houston Rhines, who is desperate for a new love life and turns to “eCupid,” an app that guarantees true love.

Calciano said that most young people could relate to the film’s basic premise of technology, but that he also hopes that audiences can realize that all relationships are the same, regardless of sexual orientation.

On Sunday, July 17th, the festival will be featuring the television show, Drop Dead Diva.  This popular dramedy/fantasy series is in its third season.  At the Outfest, fans will have a sneak peek of the show.

This particular episode is inspired by the headline-making true story of Mississippi teen Constance McMillan who was denied access to her high school prom because she wanted to attend with her girlfriend. Guest stars include Wanda Sykes, Amanda Bearse, Clay Aiken, Lance Bass and Constance herself (in a cameo).

According to the Outfest website:

 The screening will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with series creator/executive producer Josh Berman, director/co-executive producer Jamie Babbit, star Margaret Cho, guest stars Lance Bass and Clay Aiken, Adam Waters (GSA Advisor of the Year), and moderated by Ari Karpel.

After the panel discussion there will be a reception for the panel and ticket-holders sponsored by GLSEN –Los Angeles,  GLAAD and WME, a talent and literary agency.

The festival takes place at various theaters across Los Angeles, including the Directors Guild of America, John Anson Ford Amphitheatre, the Orpheum Theater, and the Disney/CalArts Theater at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

I am looking forward to attending this wonderful festival.  I will be in attendance to see a sneak-peek of Drop Dead Diva and the panel discussion with Clay Aiken, followed by the   reception.  My friend and I also plan on attending the closing film titled, The Perfect Family.  Starring Kathleen Turner, it asks the question “How far will one housewife go to win the Outstanding Catholic of the Year Award…even when her daughter is about to marry her lesbian lover.  The cast also includes Richard Chamberlain.

So…on a lighter vein…will Clay’s hair be short or long?  Will it be blond or brown or maybe red??  Do you think he will attend the reception after the panel discussion?  Do you think I am excited that I will see Clay in person? (Ha Ha)



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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – 164 Films!

  1. Musicfan, I hope you have so much fun and get to speak with Clay. He'll be gorgeous whatever color his hair is! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the enlightening article on OUTFEST. I hope you have a fantasic time next weekend. I'll be looking forward to your followup article!

  3. Thanks for all the info on the Outfest. I am so happy that you will be going to this amazing event musicfan. I was actually thinking about the same things, “will Clay’s hair be short or long? Will it be blond or brown or maybe red??” imagine if he changed his hair colour again! He always looks good no matter what, I am so excited for this event and for his appearence on The Talk!! I’m counting down the days till he is on my tv screen again 🙂

  4. I've never known any guy who changes his hair color and hair style as often as Clay does. I just hope his hairs looks great whatever he decides to do with it. The movie with Kathleen Turner sounds like it'll be enjoyable. Have fun!

  5. I wish I was not all of the way on the other side of the US. I would love to go to that event. Sounds like it will be fun as well as enlightening.
    You never know how Clay's hair will be. 😉
    But I bet he will still look good.

  6. gosh I wish I could go – WAHHHHH!!!!! Sounds like it's going to be a great, informative and very entertaining day. Have fun!!!!!

  7. I had no idea this festival was so big. We learn so much by being a Clay Aiken fan.

    Thank you for all the information.

  8. Thanks for this interesting article on Outfest. I had no idea that it featured all the films and the speakers. I know it will be interesting and getting to see and hear Clay speak on the forum will be extra special. I think Clay's hair will be either brown, red or blond and either short or long.
    Thanks again for this wonderful article.

  9. musicfan123 – about your next weekend adventure ….. I definitely sense a bit of excitement emanating from your last two blogs. It's great that you continue to share your experiences and music knowledge with your Clay fan cohorts. Of course – the best info is always about Clay. Thanks for keeping it real. Meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting your report about Clay's short, light brown with golden highlites hair when you meet him in person at the reception. Good luck and hope you savor it all.

  10. Yesterday (Sat) our local paper picked up an article by David Hiltbrand from the Phila Inquirer about Drop Dead Diva. They mentioned how many guest stars have been/will be on the show including Liza Minnelli, Tim Gunn, Rosie O'Donnell, CLAY AIKEN, Wendy Williams, LeAnn Rimes and Jennifer Tilly. Clay is in good company. I envy you, musicfan, that you will have 2 days with our guy, Clay. Can't wait to hear all the news when you return. I hope Clay attends the party, but you know how he hates crowds.

  11. Musicfan, I can't wait to read your reports when you return from your 2-day visit with Clay (hee.)
    Thanks for all the info on Outfest.

  12. Thanks for all the interesting information on the Outfest. I think..errr…hope…Clay's hair will be longer and the same golden blond it has been. He will look Drop Dead Gorgeous…and he will attend the Reception afterwards. You will be very excited to see Clay. Who wouldn't be? Lol!! Can't wait for your reports.

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