Clay Aiken – Things You Need To Know!

I want to take a moment and let you know some of the inside workings at CANN.  As many of you know we recently changed servers.  There were internal problems and our resident computer expert thought we might be happier making a change.

There are many things that are going well.  Things seem to run more smoothly and we are “almost” happy.

But, whenever you make a big change there are little things that catch up with you.  Unfortunately, we have had two “blackouts.”  With no warning, CANN has been down.  Fortunately, our “techie” attacks the problem and it is fixed rather quickly.  We are working hard to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  However, if it does, I hope you will try to visit again.  We are here to stay!!

Another unfortunate problem that came from changing servers is that I lost my entire administrative e-mail account.  I have lost all contact with all the people that have contacted me.  I feel horrible as I owe some pictures and information to people and I don’t have their e-mail.  If you are one of those people or someone who would like to request something, please e-mail me again.  The account is ready and waiting for your message. You can e-mail me at

One of the things that I am most proud about CANN is that we try to keep to the facts.  We go out of our way to verify that everything that we post is correct.  On Wednesday, a poster came on the ClayBoard and reported that Clay was scheduled for a TV appearance in July.  As exciting as this would be, I cannot post this as news.  First, this was a new member of the board and no source of the information was given, even after many requests.  Secondly, Clay’s name is not listed on the website for the program. And, finally, we have no confirmation from Team Clay.  I always remember that Clay has told us more than once that we should not believe everything we read unless we hear it from him or his team.

I am hoping that when I wake up in the morning I will be re-writing this blog to pass along the confirmed appearance.  I even hope so much that I requested 2 tickets for the show.  However, at this time, all I will say is:  “ I miss Clay and can’t wait to see him on TV soon.”

Finally, a bit of interesting Broadway news…

HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING is going on a two-day hiatus today, July 7 and Friday, July 8.  This is to accommodate Daniel Radcliffe‘s previously scheduled Harry Potter promotional obligations in the UK. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 premieres in Trafalgar Square in London on July 7.

According to  Warner Brothers had to buy out two nights of shows so Radcliffe could join in the London festivities.

It is amazing that the show would rather cancel the shows than put in an understudy for Daniel.  Does that mean that the main purpose of people coming to the show is to see Daniel?  If so, it shows that he is a huge Broadway star!

If you could, would you go see Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway?

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12 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Things You Need To Know!

  1. Thank you for filling us in on what's going on. I'm hoping the tv appearance can be verified soon. I sure would love to see Clay on tv! 🙂

  2. I try to make it to CANN everyday. This is the place to be for anything that maybe happening in the world of Clay!!!! I didn't realize there was problems Musicfan, as it's all fine for me. But I'm sure things will be just fine. You guys do a really great job. I know CANN will be the first place to post an appearance by Clay, once it is confirmed.

    I didn't realize that Daniel Radcliffe was such a big Broadway Star, that they could shut down for 2 nights. I like him, just not sure I wouldn't go to the show because he was not there. But I understand it. When Clay was in Spamalot…I went because of Clay. Harry Potter is huge, so I'm really not surprised. There will be a ton of promotion for him on Broadway when he returns as well. I'm waiting for Clay to be on Broadway again…then I'll be there for sure..

  3. This part in How to Succeed is the particular one I have wanted for Clay. I wouldn't cross the street to see Radcliffe, in particular, but the play itself is wonderful – as is the film. Perhaps Clay should try to take over that part when Radcliffe wants to make another film or whatever.

    Radcliffe was not a singer or dancer when considering this part and had to be trained, so we know he worked extremely hard to handle this part, so if you are a fan be proud of him.

    As far as Clay appearing on TV in July, perhaps the fan was speaking about his "Drop Dead Diva" performances, which probably will be in late July – it is supposed to be the 5th show of the new season. Then again, the "Funny or Die" thing we we told would show in May, and I haven't heard any more about that one.

  4. Thanks for letting us know about what is going on. I am so glad that CANN will continue. The site is really important!!

    I think it is interesting that the Broadway show is going to close for two days instead of getting a stand-in. That certainly says a lot about how important Daniel Radcliffe is to the show.

  5. I think I'll pass on Daniel and save my money for a future performance by Clay on Broadway. I feel confident that Clay will grace the Broadway stage again in the near future. I hope you're able to secure tickets to The Talk.

    • I have to agree with you MagicalMusic…I wouldn't spend my money going to see Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway either. I would save my money to see Clay on Broadway..if/and when he is there again.

  6. I am sorry to read of all the trouble you have been having with CANN. I know nothing about the internet, but I am so glad you do and provide us with such interesting articles. I am so eager to see Clay somewhere so I hope he is on The Talk. I hope you get the tickets!
    I would go see Daniel Radcliffe, but probably only if I was in NYC to see super singer-Clay-in a Broadway show.

  7. It looks like the news you have been waiting for has now been confirmed!! It's so commendable that you take the time to confirm and verify what you write about before you put it out there publicly. So often the media, the internet, the bloggers are so eager to be first they forget the importance of being accurate. CANN is truly an informative and supportive source of information about Clay and on so many other topics. Thank you for the effort you put in on a daily basis!

  8. Glad to see CANN is up and functioning! Thank you so much for making sure everything that is posted is accurate!

  9. If Clay was appearing on Broadway I would cross the country to see the show, Da niel Radcliffe – I don't think so.

  10. I never notice anything wrong with Clay News Network. Have never had any blackouts or anything..but, glad you let us know about it. I really like the Clayboard though, they have always been an honest board..and I saw the poster who gave us the heads-up on his appearance of Clay on The Talk. I really think they were just passing on that good news to the Fans. No harm done as far as I am concerned. Speaking of which…I can't wait to see him on the show…wonder what all he will talk about?

  11. I saw Daniel on Broadway twice – in H2S$ and Equus. He was terrific in both. What was interesting to me as a Clay fan was that he definitely had his fans in the audience. And why not? I remember seeing Clay in Spamalot and the crowd roared when he made his first appearance. The same happened for Daniel.

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