Clay Aiken – Written Appeal at the Huffington Post

Clay Aiken just posted an amazing letter at the Huffington Post.

With rising fuel and food prices, and drought, added to an already dire humanitarian situation, it seems that Mother Nature is kicking the people of Somalia while they are down.

Please go over and read the entire  post.  It is an intelligent plea for help.


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9 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Written Appeal at the Huffington Post

  1. That was a wonderful blog by Clay. I admire him so much for using his voice to help those who so desperately need our help.

  2. Great blog by Clay. He is always making a difference. He has some very positive comments over there…plus the twitter comments. Hope everyone who can..denotes..and helps to spread the word.

  3. What a moving blog. It was very heartbreaking to read. I hope many will donate.
    Clay Aiken is making such a difference in so many lives.

  4. What an insightful blog by Clay. It is hard to imagine the struggle the families and especially
    the children in Somalia are going through. His blog reminded me that the heat we have had this summer is nothing compared to the life threatening conditions of the region of Somalia.

  5. Thanks for the link to Clay's article on Somalia in the Huffington post.
    Good article – I just donated to UNICEF. I enjoy this site very much.

  6. I hope you don't mean God when you say "Mother Nature." It's not "Mother Nature", or God, Clay. It is because humans are polluting and destroying the environment, and the destruction is just starting to reach that area. Don't forget what you've been raised to believe, Clay. Don't blame any sort of higher power for this. God has a great handle on things, Mr. Aiken. This world has chosen to reject God, and we are seeing the product of our own ignorance.

  7. Loved reading Clay's blog. Clay is a good man, who is trying his best to make a difference in this world. He just doesn't write and say what he needs to, he gets in there, and helps out as much as he can. I admire him in so many ways.

  8. Thanks Clay. So sad that mothers have to choose which child to keep. *tears*

    Mother nature or earth herself is in dire need of compassion and kindness. She is always giving, and we are indeed polluting and destroying as we go about our lives selfishly. There is no blame, it is what it is.

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