Clay Aiken – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!

Did you see it??  Did you see Clay Aiken on Drop Dead Diva?  Did you see  Clay Aiken in the role of a “bad guy?”

I sure hope you were able to see Sunday’s episode of Drop Dead Diva.  I loved Clay’s character.  It added  the twist that made  the show even more interesting…and Clay  was really good!

I look forward to reading and reporting on the reviews about Sunday’s episode.  I am sure that there will be lots of discussion about the show and Clay’s role in the production.  Stay tuned!

Do you remember what Clay was doing on July 25th last year?  The Timeless Tour was at the King Center for the Arts in Melbourne, Florida.  It was a Sunday and Clay and Ruben performed an unusual 3pm show.  It was the 3rd concert of the tour and there were lots of fans tuned into the Cellcert.  It was a great time.  I thought you might want to see some pictures from the Melbourne Concert.




As for the “TOMORROW”   in the headlines…  What do you think Clay will be doing next July 25th??

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8 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow!

  1. Clay was great in the DDD episode last night, but but but he needed more screen time people! Good job Clay! Hope we see you do more shows like that! Love him!

  2. Really did enjoy watching the DDD episode with Clay in it last night.. All the actors did a good job portraying their characters. The Prom segment was an actual today type story and clearly got it's message out. Did not know what to make of the switched actor scenes as they didn't seem to go anywhere in particular. Clay's mail order bride segment was interesting as you noted, because it came with a surprise twist. Of course, Clay was superb in his portrayal of a scheming opportunist- aka a bad guy. All in all, it was a pretty good hour of night time TV entertainment.

    Will not even hazard a guess as to what Clay might be doing July 25, 2012. We all know he is constantly full of surprises.

  3. Loved watching Clay last night……he was soooo good.

    Also enjoyed seeing the pictures from last year…

    Next year? I have NO IDEA!!

    Thanks for the blog!

  4. Clay did a great job on DDD playing a role completely out of character. Hopefully this will lead to future roles where Clay plays someone other than himself.

  5. Loved DDD last night and cant wait to watch the Clack over and over again for those little nuances. He is a natural actor. Loved seeing him playing someone other than himself also.

    Thanks for those great photos of last year's concert. I really like the blonde singer, Casey I think her name is. I like the way she harmonizes with Clay. It is a really good match as a backup singer. Id love to see her again in concert. BTW, those are some really nice jeans to die for.

  6. Finally was able to see Clay's parts, and he was really good. He plays a good sly guy!!!! I'm in Canada, so we had trouble seeing the show. I would like to start watching DDD, but will have to watch through the internet.

    Love the pictures from the Timeless Tour.. That was such a great tour. Fun and upbeat, which is exactly the kind of tours you have in the summer. I have no idea what is in store for next July, but I will be here, and wherever Clay is, if on tour or Broadway…I'll be there.

  7. We had quite a storm on Sunday evening, and I was concerned that the power might go out and I would miss DDD. No worries, we had power and Clay on DDD. He did a fine job, but I wish it could have been longer. I have noticed that the guest stars on the show have very little air time. I’ll take whatever I can get when it comes to Clay!

  8. Clay was awesome on DDD. He is a great actor…and so natural. I liked him playing a kind of villainous role. I think he did it very convincingly. Hope they have him on again.

    I was at that Melbourne Concert at the Kings Center. It was great fun. I thought it was a very upbeat Concert and also funny. That place was packed..lots of young couples and men. I loved Casey..and hope if he tours again..he can get her to go along. She is adorable and a great singer. I loved their interaction.

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