Clay Aiken – You Get What You Give!

I’m a true believer in karma. You get what you give, whether it’s bad or good.

~Sandra Bullock

On Friday, August 19th, the entertainment news was filled with news about Conan O’Brien.  According to The Wall Street Journal:

TBS’s pricey Conan O’Brien experiment is flopping—and is about to get even more expensive.

The viewship for “Conan,” has fallen from about 2.4 million in the show’s first month on air in 2010 to roughly 958,000 people this past July, according to Nielsen Co. data.

Mr. O’Brien trails all major competitors on broadcast and cable during his 11 p.m. time slot. In certain weeks, he’s also fallen behind newer faces such as Chelsea Handler.

In July, Mr. O’Brien averaged about 685,000 viewers between the ages of 18 and 49, placing him behind cable competitors such as Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart as well as broadcast rivals Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman and Jay Leno.

Despite the 60% drop in Conan’s ratings during his first year, TBS is continuing to support their investment.  TBS is putting their money where their mouth is. They have hired Conan for $12 million a year, and have committed to a second season.  They are also going to begin airing episodes of CBS’ comedy hit, The Big Bang Theory, as a lead-in for Conan twice a week, which will cost an estimated $2 million per episode.  They hope this will jive well with Conan’s younger audience.

As a fan of Clay Aiken, I am really laughing at this information.  I will NEVER forget the cruel way that Conan made fun of Clay for years.  Maybe some can forgive and forget, but I am not that kind.  Any comedian who bases his routines on bullying other people is not funny.  A real comedian can be really funny without hurting another person!!

I agree with Sandra Bullock!!  Karma bites you when you least expect it!!

What do you think?  Maybe you can convince me I am wrong…


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28 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – You Get What You Give!

  1. I certainly will NOT try to convince you that you're wrong!! You stated my feelings precisely and I think Conan is nothing more than a very nasty, crass person. I certainly do not consider him a comedian by any stretch of the imagination and cringe at the large amounts of money he has received for his total lack of talent. I totally with you that "a real comedian can be really funny without hurting another person"!

  2. I do not like Conan O'Brien period! Clay is right. Those who belittle or glibly make fun of others, and call it or present it as humor, suffer from an acute case of low self esteem. It seems that Conan O'Brien is not funny enough nor clever enough to come up with actual comedic material, so he chooses to use a form of bullying, by denigrating others in order to make himself seem superior. What a sorry way to entertain.
    Thanks for your perspective musicfan. I agree with it 100%!

  3. You are right …. I agree that's why I stopped watching him cuz I couldn't stand him anymore. The way he bullied Clay and the rest of the celebreties is not fair.. Sandra Bullock is right

  4. I too cannot forgive Conan O'Brien…also on my list of unforgivable people are, Kelly Rippa and Kathy Griffin

  5. I know it’s not right to enjoy the misfortunes of others but like you said, karma will getcha every time. 🙂

  6. Clay was bullied in school, bullied after high school, then bullied by the media, "entertainers" like Conan, Kathy Griffin, Leno, Fallen etc. and even today there are still bullies in the entertainment business and on twitter. Entertainers who feel they must bully others by making them the butt of their jokes have made it seem like it is an ok thing to do, thus people get the idea it's ok including delusional former fans, fans of other idols, and the general population. Clay is far from the only celebrity bullied, but he has had more than his share over the years.

  7. And to think how every time you go to TBS station there is an ad for Conan saying how funny he is, as if repeating it makes him funny! xD , he has never been funny but a big bully disguising himself as a comedian, and I am not saying this because he has been an over the top basher of Clay Aiken over the years.

  8. Oh! I agree completely with you. Conan is a nasty person. I could not stand him when he was on his regular show…and loved it when he got kicked off. Now, he isn't doing much better in this position. I can't believe they are giving him a second chance. He got a huge pay-off by NBC. He said some of the nastiest things about Clay. I will never forgive him…or any of the other comedians who think it is funny to bully someone.

  9. I agree with you Musicfan. I've never been a fan of "Coco". Maybe I'm too old to appreciate his humor, but he is just not funny to me. Remember when Jimmy Kimmel picked on Clay at first, but when the actually got together, it was magic, funny and the audience loved them together.

  10. Totally agree that Conan's karma is taking revenge on him as it should. He is not funny! The old time comedians, Bob Hope, George Burns, Flip Wilson, etc, never uttered a disparaging word, but they were SO FUNNY!

  11. Never could stand him before Clay, couldn't stand him after Clay got to the entertainment world, and am not sorry to see him tank now. For the money they are paying this turkey, they should just pay people to watch him. No, I guess they couldn't even get people to watch if they paid them!

  12. I am really laughing……this guy is bombing and why is he getting so much money. What is wrong with the bosses at TBS……..CUT and RUN……

    He is a jerk and people don't think he is funny…thats the bottom line.

    Thanks for another interesting and fun blog!!

  13. Never liked Conan, not even before I became a fan of Clay. Conan is not nice to look at and he's not funny, I tried a few times to watch him but then I had to change the channel after the first minutes.

  14. What a shame………………….NOT!!!!! I never liked Conan and I never will. I will rejoy the day when he is off the air hopefully never to return.

  15. I’m glad Conan is bombing! He’s just not funny! Same with some of the other so-called comedians. I’ve noticed that Kimmel still does make fun of people at their expense and wondering why Kimmel hasn’t had Clay on his show since he came out. The other day he was making fun of Gov. Perry just cuz he’s from Texas. I take offense to that. It’s a shame TBS cancelled George Lopez and not Conan.

  16. Never cared for Conan either. Yesterday I was watching Rachel Ray. Her guests were Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore. They showed clips from their show. That was funny stuff. Not anything like Conan and Kathy Griffin. You can be funny without the expense of others.

  17. Not only does Conan use bullying for humor ???, he is just NOT FUNNY! I never watch now and will never watch him again. That's what I can do.

  18. I have never particularly cared for Conan and have had no use for him whatsoever since he started using Clay as fodder for his "comedy" routines. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think they are throwing good money after bad. Conan couldn't replace Leno and I'm glad that Leno came back. I can think of one person who would make a fantastic night show host …. they even have a live audience.

  19. I will not even try to convince you, as I dont watch Conan either. Not funny one bit to me – he is
    getting what he deserves – except for the 2nd chance. Don't understand that at all and don't like
    what he thinks is humor. I don't really watch much TV at all – they are all going down-hill in so
    many ways. I only watch whatever Clay is on except for a few (very few)!!!! programs. I do like

  20. I absolutely agree w/you, and sent Conan an email about it back then, citing Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, and Jonathan Winters as A-list comedians who were never mean. I didn't watch him much before that, and never after (except once when Kevin Spacey was on, who hilariously ran rings around Conan and was funnier by far just doing little things like a spit-take when Conan was talking and so self-absorbed he didn't even see it! The audience went nuts and Conan was totally bewildered…)

  21. I hope they cancel Conan. I've never thought he was funny and frankly, don't understand what TBS is thinking. I've never watched Conan so I was spared his comments on Clay.

  22. I see no reason to convince you that you're wrong.
    I've never heard his name before but if he made fun of Clay then that's a good thing. Clay has done so much for so many with the NIP and UNICEF and how is he rewarded? With [insertyourfavouriteinsulthere] people like this making fun of him. So you're not wrong, don't forgive or forget. I believe this is karma and he fully deserves whatever he gets.

  23. It seems to me that the continual exposure of the public to Conan, and his mental twin Kathy Griffin,
    is likely adding to the opinion that it is OK to bully, be so stupid, and anything goes. It is bad enough that they continue to find a TV audience, but they both do live concerts, Kathy very, very successfully.

    If there is anything we can do to contribute to their television demise, I am all for it. When people laugh at them, it hurts us all.

  24. Never liked Conan. Hate comedians who make jokes at the expense of others. Love Clay Aiken who can be hilarious without the meaness.
    Love the picture of Clay from DDD. On a shallow note, Clay Aiken is a million times cuter than Conan is!! And he's a trillion times more beautiful on the inside than Conan.

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