Clay Aiken – Making Everyone Welcome

Thursday was another exciting day in the ClayNation.  It is so much fun to look forward to tweets, pictures and reports about Team Clay Aiken.

Today, the teams sold Celebrity Tour Books of New York City.  The men’s team had a booth at Madison Park on 23rd between 5th and Broadway.

Each member of the Men’s Team wrote about a section of New York.  It was reported that Clay wrote about the Upper West Side, including information on Lincoln Center, The Beacon, and Riverside and Morningside Parks.

All the men seemed to have a lot of energy as they invited people to join in the fun, and yes, buy a book.  The men’s appearance drew a big crowd and then Penn’s partner, Teller arrived with a Blue Man group, drums, and a huge puppets.  They even had confetti canons.

Many of the celebrities had large donations from their friends to help raise money for.  They collected many checks for thousands of dollars.  Dancermom, from Clayversity, presented Clay with a check for $10,000 from fans.  The team was very pleased and it was a great moment.

Did the men win the challenge?  Well, we don’t know…but the men certainly had a much bigger crowd and the party atmosphere made everyone seem welcome.  We will just have to wait and see the results in a few months!

Many, many thanks to Dancermom and Dancerdad for sharing their pictures from the challenge.  People who unselfishly share their “clack” are amazing.  Please remember, they have requested that the pictures are not put on the OFC.  Don’t forget that if you click on the picture, it will enlarge.





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18 thoughts on “Clay Aiken – Making Everyone Welcome

    • He sure is, isn't he???? and he can sing too.I have enjoyed all the blogs, the pictures, the videos every day and cannot wait to see The Celebrity Apprentice when it airs this spring.

      • Hi Clayam … very sad. Too bad The Celebrity Apprentice will not be aired in Indonesia in any station or cable tv :(. But thanks to everybody in fandom, feel that I am in the middle of the events 🙂

  1. I so hope Clay "wins it all". Sent in my donation to help Clay on the next task. This is so exciting! Can't wait to see the show in Feb!!!

  2. Love seeing the energy that guys have created. Looks like they did pretty good yesterday. And I want to thank ALL the Clack gathers and recapers for sharing with us. It is truly appreciated.

  3. wonderful photos and it looks like a bang up day!!! Hoping for the best for the men's team – I've grown quite fond of all of them =)

  4. These pictures are simply wonderful. Clay really looks good. It also looks like they are having a good time. Thanks for posting all the pictures and for the recap!!

  5. I live in NJ just a hop, skip, jump from NYC. I was in NYC this past Tues. and was hoping to see Clay's team. Where can I get any info so I can help support the team as to where they will be?

    Kind Regards

  6. Thanks Martha and thanks to Kim and her hubby. Great pics. No problem about not posting on the OFC as no details or photos of Celebrity Apprentice are to be posted there. I'm guessing some sort of a confidentiality agreement and that is the only site Clay has control over.

    I am so enjoying the tidbits and pics we are receiving and a big thanks to all our clack goddesses and clack god for sharing them with us. Can't wait 'til March!

  7. The photos are wonderful!!! I'm so proud of the Clay Nation for coming together as we did to lend support to our guy.

  8. Those circles under Clay's eyes are getting darker. I hope he is getting enough sleep while participating in the C.A. challenges. You know, moms always worry about things like that! He does look handsome though.

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